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  1. I have auditioned both the KEF Metas (LS50W II and LS50 Meta) and the Castle. The big price difference is the obvious factor, but I'm more curious as to whether the Castle (at from $11099-12099 new) is worth it given i) the age of the technology/specs (does that even matter?) and ii) the fact that second hand ones 5-10 years old in excellent condition sell for as little as $200 (suggesting they don't hold their value). Would be interested in hearing from any Castle owners.
  2. Hi, I'm from Canberra, Australia and new to the forum. Currently looking at bookshelf speakers and wondering if Castle Richmond Anniversary are still worth consideration some 10 years since they were released or has technology and more recent developments passed them by? At the moment my options are the Castle or B&W 606 R2 anniversary speakers, or spend a bit more and get the new KEF meta. Thoughts?
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