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  1. Further information: Great amplifier, hasn’t been in used for a while. Everything works as should, I’m clearing out space and keen to update our main system. specs: C325 BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier Features 2 x 50W Minimum Continuous Power into 4 / 8 ohms 110W, 160W, 210W, IHF Dynamic power into 8, 4 and 2 ohms, respectively Headphones socket High Current Holmgren? Toroidal Power Transformer Relay Input Switching 7 Line inputs, including MP3-type input and two tape in/outs All discrete circuitry Short signal path from input to output All socke
  2. Further information: Bought in London about 5 years ago, great condition and lovely all in one unit. Everything works perfectly with no visible wear - I mainly use it for streaming, TV, and it’s currently driving a pair of Harbeths. Specs from Naim website: UPnP-enabled to allow streaming of audio files at up to 24bit/192kHz resolution from Naim Audio hard disk servers, network-attached storage (NAS) devices or any home computer CD playback through mechanised slot-loading tray Integrated 50W per channel amplifier shares design DNA with iconic NAIT inte
  3. Thanks Rannochlad. Really helpful advice- defn keen to explore that if I can sell the uniti lite at a decent price. The room is really large, and conscious there is only so much the 8inch drivers of Harbeth can do. what speakers are you using with your Nova system?
  4. Hey folks, Vick here from Sydney. I currently have a pair of harbeth 30.1s driven by a Naim unitilite all in one system. Love listening to reggae, hip hop, acoustic, grunge, trio hop, and a bunch of old stuff like Tracy Chapman, Paul Simon, Nina Simone etc. we also use it for the TV sound as well. it’s simple and clean and works reasonably well. I’m struggling with you room setup though, it’s a really large, poorly damped space. (Rug needs replacing). I believe the system is lacking in the bass department and feel like it’s a the room or maybe the harbeths cou
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