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  1. I am planning to use an Oppo BDP-103 as the source into a Cambridge CXA 80 Integrated Amplifier into a pair of Klipsch RP-8000fs as Front L/R Speakers. then I have 2 x SVS PB 13 Ultra subwoofers I want to integrate into the chain. then i need to do the following - limit full range to front speakers add subwoofer crossover add sub EQ Id like to do this whilst maintaining the best level of SQ , what i mean by that is reducing AD/DA conversions, having flexibility to change my dac/preamp as I need to. as down the track i will get a sep
  2. hi all, im looking at adding 2 active subwoofers (and EQ'ing them) into my 2.0 signal chain which is currently: Source --> DAC > Pre Amp > Amp > Front L/R Speakers. i'd like to keep my DAC and Pre Amp as i like the SQ i'm getting. is it right that using this minidsp SHD i can insert it into the signal chain between my source and DAC and then just connect the subwoofer direct into the SHD. is this the best way / best product to use for this use case at the moment? also, how does volume control work , do you need to set it on the pre-amp then
  3. Where are you guys buying your minidsp products from ? Is it direct from their website ?
  4. What preamp do you use ? I am in the process of selecting on not sure yet.
  5. so in this method, I would connect the pre-amp to the minidsp, then from minidsp into the amp and subwoofers. does this mean i just need a normal minidsp 2x4 (not the HD) and i will have an AD/DA conversion going on (which im OK with) as this is a simpler option that could work for me. this allows me the flexibility to change out the dac/pre-amp as i need to.
  6. with regards to picking between the two, i guess my question would be if i use the SHD , then the front LR speakers will run off a different DAC to the subwoofers. could this lead to mismatched SQ would it be better using SHD Studio and using two of the same DACS?
  7. just having a look at the diagram for the SHD Studio, it shows that it sits between your digital source and your DAC. the diagram shows a dual DAC setup. can i use a single DAC and Y adaptor off it to go into dual subs or is that no no ? or can i use the Y adaptor from the pre amplifier to go into the dual subs? or do you just have to use 2 dacs ? https://www.minidsp.com/products/streaming-hd-series/shd-studio
  8. Is there a way to avoid the additional AD/DA conversions by using an all digital version like the nanodigi dsp and putting it in between my source and my dac?
  9. I’d like to use my own dac and preamp to maintain the sq I get .......that’s where I am confused on minidsp and what role it plays and how it fits in. The only thing. I know is that I will need it for sub eq for my room
  10. i am putting together a 2.2 setup and need some assistance reviewing my designs on how i plan to limit full range signal going to the front speakers and manage subwoofer xover. i'd like to know which option is better and whether there are any pro's and con's to doing it one way vs the other. ultimately i will add a minidsp into the mix and would like to know where in the signal chain this goes in. option 1 - uses a separate high pass filter - Link to Digram - https://imgur.com/4oJYDnD option 2 - uses the high pass filter on the subwoofer (SVS PB13
  11. thanks everyone for your feedback, i've learnt a lot from this post and i like ALL your suggestions. i know now that its the power amp giving me the better SQ, then after that what leads to better SQ is the DAC and preamp (not sure its more the dac or more the preamp though). i've decided not to use the cambridge cxa80 in the setup and instead run the AVR straight into a power amp, i have got a hold of a used NAD C 272 power amp over the last week and this will run the front towers. i will still use the cxa80 to do A/B comparisons and see which way i like
  12. Hi all I have a pair of klipsch RP-8000fs and have recently added two subwoofers now that I have the subwoofers I’m looking to down grade the towers to bookshelves and get a pair of bookshelves in the used market. since the subs are taking care of the Low frequency I don’t believe I need huge towers anymore are there any recommendations in the sub 1k used market. It’s used mainly for movies in a stereo setup.
  13. I have a cxa80 that has an issue where it’s not going into standby mode anymore. And the right speaker channel is producing a very faint volume . I believe this is due to an electrical wiring fault I had in my house and/or a power cut . Both scenarios happened while the amp was running . It is now with a shop for a warranty repair. However I really enjoy the SQ out of it and plan to hang on to it whether I would invest in another Cambridge is a question mark though .
  14. And this is in manual ht bypass also interested to know whether this changes when using a stereo amp that has ht bypass.
  15. When I’m running my avr preouts into the cxa80 , am I using the preamp, dac and poweramp of the cxa80? Just wanted to try and pinpoint what is giving me the better SQ
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