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  1. Item: JDS Labs Atom DAC Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Meetup in Sydney preferred
  2. No worries! Hope the 1990s are treating you well! I love mine
  3. I wouldn't personally say "way better", but I would say that it fits my preferences in sound. The Clears sound warmer and have more low end than the Elegias, but the Elegias have outstanding clarity as a result of its brighter sound signature. Both are very detailed. Pretty sure they use the both exact drivers, just tuned differently. Honestly would've been more than satisfied with the Elegias if I never got to try the Clears.
  4. I have a pair of Focal Elegia that is about 4mths old. Quickly upgraded to a pair of Focal Clears, so they barely got any use. Been in the box since I got my Clears. Interested in trading them for a pair of other headphones, so please comment if you're interested and what you're willing to trade for them Located in Sydney, thank you!
  5. Located in Sydney too, would you be interested in swapping the LCD 2C for Focal Elegias? Or we can sort out a deal. Thank you
  6. 1 year of being into HiFi gear. Mostly into headphones, but I can't say no to a good set of speakers too. Thanks for having me
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