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  1. Matt makes such good cables, I’m using some of the top end Noir Hybrid HPC on my Phillips shp9500 turns them into heaven, lol. Would buy Noir Hybrid again in a heartbeat, any new headphones I get i’ll be making sure they’re compatible.
  2. Further information: In mint condition, purchased 18/01/21 direct from Forza AudioWorks https://forzaaudioworks.com/en/ . Superb cables with a smooth, natural and detailed presentation. Reason for selling is I’m no longer using an RCA connection for speakers. Comes with full packaging as pictured. Thanks! Photos:
  3. Further information: Second set for another system, didn’t end up using them. Brand new, opened but unused. Bought a month ago, all packed up and ready to go, will include the receipt. Power Supply compatibility; https://www.corsair.com/us/en/psu-cable-compatibility Thanks! Photos:
  4. Further information: A couple of months worth of use and in pristine condition, well within warranty. Put a PC together recently, packed this PSU away and only just realised I still had it sitting there waiting to be sold. Everything that comes with the unit is included, accessories, cables, packaging etc. Thanks! Photos:
  5. Further information: High end power board, pretty sure the best you can buy, Australian made and designed. Bought online direct from Selby Acoustics in November of last year. Barely used and in new condition. All accessories and packaging included. Thanks! Photos:
  6. Further information: In excellent condition with approximately 100 hours of use, bought direct from the JDS labs web site in October of last year. Comes with Australian power supply, USB cable and all accessories/packaging. Superb small dac/amp combo unit with a nice large and smooth volume knob. Thanks! Photos:
  7. Further information: Unit ordered on 30/10/2020 and not used since, only to make sure its working 100%. It’s in mint condition, brand new, just ended up using something different for my needs, so the Hel sat waiting to be sold. I’ve Included a Skross premium quality US to Aus power adapter and full product packaging/accessories. Unit bought direct from the Schiit web site. Thanks! Photos:
  8. PM sent. Replacement being arranged/sent to me, after my unit has been sent back to them. ?
  9. Hi Arthur, I popped them an email over the weekend so should hear back soon. Will PM you as soon as I know more. ?
  10. Heya, yes I’m aware of this issue but this unit seems to be fine. Does this apply to 100% every single unit? If it was to have an issue then a warranty replacement is easy enough. Thank you for the heads up! I appreciate it. ??
  11. Further information: Purchased at the end of last year, in excellent condition as pictured. Bought from Addicted to Audio Australia and still well under warranty, receipt included. Thank you! Photos:
  12. Further information: Both DAC and amp have clocked up between 50-100 hours of use and are in mint condition, this goes for the iFi power supply also. Very well reviewed stack and for good reason! The iFi power supply is just a nice additional improvement. Decided to go a different route and have since upgraded to a single high-end unit. Purchased on 15th of October 2020 from Addicted To Audio Australia. Sale includes everything that come with both units and iFi PSU, including the boxes, manuals and original invoice for all items. I have separate pictures of all access
  13. Further information: Between 50-100 hours of use, so near new and in excellent condition as pictured. Sale includes everything that come with both units, including the boxes and manuals. As an added bonus I've included a set of PYST RCA cables that I ordered with the products. All bought direct from the Schiit website on the 8th of October, packed well in original boxes and ready for sale. I have separate pictures of all accessories, didn't upload them here due to the size and making things short and simple, just let me know if you'd like to see them. I would
  14. Hello! New member here. Might try let go a few pieces of gear.
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