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  1. Further information: Both DAC and amp have clocked up between 50-100 hours of use and are in mint condition, this goes for the iFi power supply also. Very well reviewed stack and for good reason! The iFi power supply is just a nice additional improvement. Decided to go a different route and have since upgraded to a single high-end unit. Purchased on 15th of October 2020 from Addicted To Audio Australia. Sale includes everything that come with both units and iFi PSU, including the boxes, manuals and original invoice for all items. I have separate pictures of all access
  2. Further information: Between 50-100 hours of use, so near new and in excellent condition as pictured. Sale includes everything that come with both units, including the boxes and manuals. As an added bonus I've included a set of PYST RCA cables that I ordered with the products. All bought direct from the Schiit website on the 8th of October, packed well in original boxes and ready for sale. I have separate pictures of all accessories, didn't upload them here due to the size and making things short and simple, just let me know if you'd like to see them. I would
  3. Hello! New member here. Might try let go a few pieces of gear.
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