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  1. Thanks I've ordered one of those, while a cheaper cable would be nice, I like the idea of the fiber optic runs.
  2. I need roughly 8-10m HDMI cable run from AVR to Projector, video pro trying to sell me this one -https://www.kordz.com/prs3-active-copper , $312 seems excessive for a cable. Any of you know another cheaper brand that is certified for 8k 18Mbps?
  3. Yes just 1 row of seating. I can use the yammy elsewhere in the house so no big deal. As far as apsect ratio, yeah i was looking at 16:9, probably just movies and not sure yet if I'll use the room for PS4/PS5 gaming. If i can get some more cabling through the walls then yes i'll try and hook up the 12" behind the couch, otherwise might be stuck with 2x12" at the front.
  4. Hi all, Just moved into a house, which had an existing HT room. Room size: 5990x3400 (standard ceiling height) 100" fixed projector screen old ceiling mounted 720p projector My goal is to eventually go 7.1.2 or 7.1.4 My current budget is around $14k (I don't want to buy budget to achieve 7.1.2, rather, add more as i go). Below are the new components i'm looking at: Revolution 120" Fixed Screen (Video Pro) Epson TW-9400 (Video Pro) Denon 3700H (Video Pro) Klipsch KLR8000F fronts (Video Pro) Klipsch KLRP504C Cente
  5. Looking to kit out a new HT room, so looking for all the great advice in this forum.
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