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  1. Hi Carl, can you tell me a little more about these speakers please. How old are they, have you owned since new, what sort of action have they seen. Do you have the original packaging and are you prepared to pack and send to Adelaide? Do you have any other photos/closeups? Thanks, Mike
  2. Hi James, do you have the original packaging with these by chance - if so are you prepared to send interstate? Many thanks, Mike
  3. Hi Dan, have transferred the agreed price to you via Paypal yesterday. Let me know when you have Pack Send consignment details. Many thanks, Mike
  4. Hi Barry, I’m interested in your TT, but first off I live in Adelaide, are you prepared to pack and send, do you have the original packaging? Cheers, Mike
  5. Hi all, Ive recently decided to resurrect my old stereo components, nothing special just a Yamaha 5.1ch tuner amp, Bose 301 series2, Ariston Q-Deck. Need to have the 301’s repaired as the tweeter cones have deteriorated and suspect the woofers are tired. Contemplating some Krix or similar replacements and maybe even upgrade the amp to something that can connect to the network so I can stream from Spotify etc. Hope the forum can help me sort my sounds! Mike
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