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  1. Well I installed the NAD T758 V3i and ran a full (paid) Dirac Live correction. Unfortunately, I did this via iOS and it apparently can't be exported to the desktop version. Have to say - remarkable difference. The harshness has been taken off the upper and it just sounds miles better. Still not perfect, but it's lost the grating edge for sure.
  2. Ahh, I knew IMHO but I didn't recognise the IME one, so I had assumed in context they were some form of acoustic treatment I wasn't familiar with 😂 -Edit- I feel old... this is the kind of things my parents would ask
  3. Actually, I do have 3.2m high ceilings... the distances shown were between speakers (2m approx) and speakers to listening position (3m approx) rather than the room size though. The room is closer to 4m x 5m or perhaps a little larger. IME & IMHO? My ability to move much around is compromised. Moving the couch forward will put the side of the couch (it's L shaped) over the doorway. Plus, it might end in divorce... 😂 Picking up the NAD T758 v3i today which has Dirac Live, I'll report back when I've installed and run some tests. Soon I'll be ren
  4. @Monkeyboi Yeah my room acoustics are probably terrible, and speaker placement is certainly for aesthetics, though in my listening session I did move them forward about 30cm which helped. This is my room. All walls are double brick. Sliding glass doors are always open (they are jammed...) and the door on other side of the room is closed when listening. L = Front Left speaker R = Front Right speaker S = Subwoofer Floors are hardwood (Jarrah) and there's a big rug in the middle. Nothing really on the walls, other than paint. Window behind the couch w
  5. Finally got to give it a decent test (read: crank it up) today whilst my lovely wife and daughter were out. I think I'm finding out what people mean about good recordings now. The resolving of this match is really good. Also, the Pandion 5s put out an impressive amount of bass for a bookshelf, had to double check my sub wasn't on! Polar opposites in recordings: Death Cab for Cutie's album Plans sounded absolutely beautiful (Ben Gibbard's voice is amazing) Pendulum's album In Silico sounded awful - had to turn it off after about 30 seconds
  6. No unfortunately it's the model without the built in DAC. Still, I'm not too bothered. There's something a bit more 'permanent' about an all analogue amp. It can never really be outdated.
  7. Primare i32 arrived today. My issues above were definitely amp related. Sound is musical, detailed, gorgeous imaging, clear. There's separation in the notes. Lovely! Can't wait for the NAD to arrive so I can use it in anger. Currently using it via the analogue outs on the UDP80.
  8. I have the XM3s - two pairs of them, actually. When the world was travelling - and so was I, for work - they were hands down the best thing I ever bought. Noise cancelling was excellent, great battery life, super comfortable, quite good sound quality. Still use them all the time and would buy again in a heartbeat. In fact, I did, when I temporarily lost mine at an airport - I went and bought a new pair. Then I got the old ones back... Hence, 2 pairs 😆 This is a good price, GLWS.
  9. The Primare i32 has a HT bypass and it would run through that. Yes, essentially running as a power amp.
  10. Although thinking on that further, as I'm moving to floor standing fronts (Primare 20s) and the only source plugged directly into the Primare will be the turntable, I might not need to get a DSP. It's probably fine just using 2.0 for playing of records. Edit- Thinking out loud a bit further - if I plug the the turntable into the NAD T758 I can take advantage of Dirac. So there's the question, is it worth the A/D and D/A conversion from the turntable for Dirac... hmmmm, things to think on.
  11. @Ruffter the main reason is the HDMI switching. My TV is wall mounted with a single HDMI cable. It's on a brick wall, so adding new 'invisible' HDMI cables to use the TV as the HDMI switch means cutting out a new channel in the brick, filling, and repainting. Too much hassle, so I need a single HDMI to a TV. Which leaves me with a preamp or amp. I now have a Primare i32 on its way to me that will be the amp for the front channels, and the sub is powered, so av receiver amp or pre is fine. This is the current setup: This will be the setup shortly
  12. Oh man, seriously tempted even though I've just bought another amp. Just a couple of days ago I was searching every used market I could find for one.
  13. Looks nice! I had a guy come and demo my old Welling speakers yesterday, so I plugged them back in to the Denon. Then did a quick A/B comparison on 'Billy Jean' by Michael Jackson with the SA Pandion 5s. Hmmmmmm... interesting results. The Wellings were substantially down on detail, sounded a little like they were underwater in comparison - though actually not too bad overall. They had the full 'mid range' that the Pandions were missing. Plugging back in the Pandions brought all that detail back but it sounded so so harsh after the Wellings and was actually hard to listen to. The W
  14. There's a musical fidelity m3si on gumtree for $900 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/dodges-ferry/radios-receivers/musical-fidelity-m3si-amplifier/1262102461 Also an M6i for $2300 which is priced too high, but might be negotiable https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/north-ryde/stereo-systems/musical-fidelity-m6i-integrated-amp/1262082003 Both are very well reviewed
  15. Item: NAD T758 v3i (or another Bluos & HDMI 2.0 / 4K capable NAD receiver) Price Range: $1000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I've got a line of site on one of these new for a decent price - but first just checking to see what's out there and if anyone's looking to upgrade and offload theirs.
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