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  1. I have a 42 kg 65 inch plasma to be mounted on an internal single brick wall. The main problem people seem to be having is that the tv is too far out from the wall. Just looking for a brand/style that puts the tv close to the wall. Tv does not need to move at all maybe tilt a bit. what have other people tried/used. Thanks
  2. No worries mate. Thank you for your input. Appreciated greatly
  3. Forgot to mention that channel A was running a pair of Dali concept 6’s and channel B had the jaycar JV80’s. Both have an impedance of 8 ohms.
  4. Than you for you advice. I am serious, silly if you ask my wife. The other channel had a pair of Jay carJV80 kit set speakers... Specs JV80 Jaycar kit http://www.siliconchip.com.au/Issue/2003/October/The+JV80+Loudspeaker+System Power: 100watts Type: 2way base reflex + 2 ports Impedance: 8 ohms Frequency range:30Hz-20kHz Crossover:3.5kHz Linkwitz-Riley Sensitivity: 91db/1W at 1 metre (on tweeter axis) Protection: PTC polyswitch thermister Kind of new to this stuff and, I guess you could call it a journey. To learning about the right setup and what no
  5. Hey mate, could be a long shot but, have considered taking daughter boards and mother board off and visually checking on the bottom of the boards to see if any of the soldered components or solder is ‘too close for comfort’ may be why you’re getting feed back/cross contamination so to speak. Just a thought. I checked mine out the other day (for other reasons) and some of them were nearly touching, but no hum.
  6. So, doing a demo had A and B front channels/towers on played a 30sec youtube video to showcase my setup running at +15Db for about 10 seconds and went into protect mode. Turns out I had fried a few minor components and two of the major ones. Would that be because I had both front channels on at the same time at 90% volume ? Surly not. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...And no I won’t be turning it up that loud again. Lol
  7. Yeah mate, my front room is 4m x 3m. May have to re-think how I set it up.
  8. That does sound interesting, I’ll let you know how I go. Are there other options I could explore down the track, to get a better TR?
  9. Yeah mate, sounds good. I want to feel the bass also. Will I get any tactile response from an 8 inch sub?
  10. If money was no object what’s the ultimate AV setup?
  11. Been given the $1000 challenge to get an av setup. I’m thinking... 65” plasma tv $350 xbox1s $200 Samsung sound bar $450
  12. Any body have xiaomi UST laser projector? Looking to purchase in the near future. Been stung before getting online stuff from China. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks
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