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  1. I have a Chinese Doge 10 amplifier, which I really like, but I have two sets of identical 6550 tubes that red plate. It could be a tube problem, but it could be my mains voltage that is above spec. Voltage is supposed to be 120 at my house but measures 124 volts. The amplifier is designed for 115 volts. I have some KT88s that have no problems but the 6550 red plate a bit. The 6550 sound much more natural to my ear but the red plating is a concern.
  2. I expect you will be happy R8. It is definitely a great tube amp with a great deal of flexibility. I have a Willsenton R-35i which I bought instead of the R8. I figured that with EL34 tubes it would probably be as good as the R8 and cost a bit less. I liked it so much I went ahead and got a Doge 10 before the review came out. With my system the Doge 10 is clearly a step above the R-35i. Of course, it should be at around double the cost. If you get a chance, you might enjoy the Svetlana SED 6550C Winged C tubes. They were recommended by Marc of Doge and they do p
  3. Maybe the Doge 7 DAC?....or go with a Denafrips. all are musical and very good.
  4. I believe one of the YouTube reviews (maybe Thomas & Stereo) he mentioned that it worked well on the Maggies. Not sure if it was the 1.7s or the LRS. I would think that 60 watts in AB mode would be plenty but I expect it depends on how loud you want them to play.
  5. I'm quite sure you can run the KT66 in EL34 with no problem. I have a Japanese 6L6 tube amp with auto bias and it also runs EL34 and KT66. I have not tried EL34 in my amp, however, I have Genelex Gold Lion KT66 which seem to be pretty good.
  6. I have found this to be true and I buy used antique tubes for this reason. They cost much less than NOS. When I was younger I spent many hours testing tubes out of our TVs. Many of them would work just fine when measuring poorly and I find that to be the case with audio tubes I buy. Of course, my old ears might not be able to hear the differences some of you can hear.
  7. Statement not to be missed in this ad: " Service life is not less than 500 hours."
  8. I wasn't aware that we could choose boat shipping. How much did you pay for shipping?
  9. Do you know if the amp can handle the substitution? Tube gain is substantially different. Not sure about the other parameters.
  10. Last night I did a quick compare of the Genelex Gold Lion 12AX7 to the Psvane TII 12AX7 and it was immediately apparent that the TII provided an increased level of clarity......like improving the capacitors in a speaker crossover. I am looking for a really good deal on TII KT88s......l would really like to try them.
  11. Do you mean 12AX7? What brand?....Psvane?? Also, I'm not sure how flexible the Doge 10 is when it comes to swapping tubes. Until I get credible information from a reliable source I'm only putting in tubes that have the exact same operating parameters.
  12. I have purchased q couple of chinese components where I specified the voltage but in the case of the Doge 10 I believe you are right. If there was a space on the order form I would still specify the voltage however. I have read anecdotes of buyers receiving the wrong voltage.
  13. Looking forward to hearing your impressions of the Doge 10, especially after you receive your Psvane TII. I purchased my Doge 10 without tubes. I started with JJ blue Glass KT88 and right now thats the only power tubes I have. I have a quad of used Svetlana SED Winged C 6550C on the way. I have tried a few 12AX7. One of these was the Genelex Gold Lion which I really like but I recently received a new set of Psvane TII. The TII blew me away immediately but I hesitate to say too much because there are so many variables (A/AB, Feedback, OS/NOS with Denafrips Ares II) and I am
  14. Sorry I haven't posted any type of review but I have been trying so many different tube and setting combinations that I have not made any firm conclusions yet except that the Doge 10 is a superb amplifier with a great deal of flexibility in settings. I also want to try a few different sound levels because this can have a significant effect also. I believe I like class A better but I have not spent a lot of time with class AB. I have tried a couple of different feedback settings but have not reached any definite conclusions on which I like the most. A couple of things clear about
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