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  1. A fully serviced vgc thorens TD 321 with modified arm or A fully serviced vgc technics sl-1200 mk5 ? One just a little more than the other
  2. Marantz SH-A20 amplifier, should I buy this amp for $1700Aud. Is that a bargain ? Its like new
  3. Thanks mate, should I wear proper air filtered one or us a covid one ok, cause I got lots of unused ones of them 😅 and you're so right, I already stepped on my soldiering iron once (with bare feet) when I forgot to turn it off, that was a good reminder😫
  4. Nice to meet everyone, im attempting to restore a marantz 2225 amplifier I picked up for cheap. Im going to try and recap it and everything , and I've never done anything like this before 😅 any pointers would be much appreciated lol
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