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  1. @doogie44 @anandpkumar Ok, I've kind of worked out my thoughts about both the Rega and the Bravo 2.2 Valve amp, after listening to both against each other. Rega Brio - the Rega drives the sansui speakers easily, power and volume etc isn't the issue. - the Rega is a little clinical / harsh with the Sansui speakers. This could be the room (lots of glass and hard walls), and it could be subjective, not sure, but this is how I'm hearing it. Not significant, but I want an amp that I can listen to for hours. Bravo 2.2 Valve - so easy to listen to, it'
  2. Hi, good question, but lucky for me the guy I bought them from did a complete refurb a couple of years ago, including the crossovers so they’re in great shape. neil
  3. I got directed to this thread by a member. I recently got a pair of 1968 Sansui SP-300 speakers, and they are fantastic. They have 2 horns for high range, a horn for mid and 30cm cone for low range. They were refurbished recently by the person I bought them from. Im looking for a new amp to use with them and my luxman pd-290 TT. I’m using a rega brio at the moment, but want something to really make the sansui’s sing. I’ve just tested a Bravo 2.2 300B single ended Class A integrated valve amp with them, but it’s a bit flat on some vocals, and a little heavy, where as the rega is super
  4. Hi, thanks for the recommendation, I’ll do some reading on the sonneeter. I’ve just tested a Bravo 2.2 300B single ended Class A integrated valve amp with my speakers. Good depth, but sounds a bit muted, especially with vocals. I’m wondering if a good sansui amp might be the way to go?
  5. HI, I know you have concerns about paving sand, but that's what I used and it was totally dry. Specifically I used Jointing Sand from Bunnings, and as long as it's been stored out of the weather it should be fine. N
  6. Hi All, I've come back to the mountain for advice. I'm slowly upgrading my system, next item I want to purchase is an amplifier / amplifiers. I recently upgraded to a pair of Sansui SP-300 speakers, which are awesome. They are so clear and transparent when playing music that has 'space', eg jazz. And when I play Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon, they blow me away. It's like the notes are falling out of the air right in front of me. However they are only ok on music that is hard / fast eg rock. I suspect it's down to my current amp, which is a Rega Brio. It's a great lit
  7. Oh sweet jesus, I got the Sansui's. How the hell can a 52 yr old speaker sound so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The detail is incredible, and they are effortless. I listened to some Coltrane when I was testing them, blew me away. I've got them back home and am listening to them just with my Rega Brio amp, and they are still just mind blowing!!! I am one happy purchaser. Thanks xlr8or for the vote on these. Over the moon!!!!!
  8. Hi, as a novice with no experience yet of valve amps, is that an amp that I would need to maintain/ fix a lot? I need to do some reading and get an understanding of the different types of tube setups I think. I’ve heard them, and love the sound, but don’t know much about them technically. On a seperate note I’m about to jump in the car and drive up the coast to listen to those sansui sp300 horn speakers. Fingers crossed.
  9. Hi, thanks for the tips. I like the look of those speakers. If I was closer and could listen to them I'd be there, and I'm almost tempted to buy them on spec! I've put links to three that look interesting and and are closer to me (Brisbane). Any thoughts on these? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/pacific-paradise/speakers/sansui-sp300-classic-horn-speakers-1968-top-of-range-/1262282538 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/loganlea/speakers/leak-600-sandwich-speakers/1262183954 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/windsor/speakers/kef-104-reference-series-vintage-speakers
  10. Thanks for the tip on the speakers. Regarding cartridge, I installed an Ortofon 2m Blue about 12 months ago. Noticed the change immediately, I had a pretty cheap cartridge before.
  11. Hi All, I'm wanting to change my speakers and amp, and am looking for some advice. Currently I have a Luxman PD290 TT, Rega Brio amp and a pair of Quad 12L Bookshelf speakers. It's a great system, with good sound, but a bit light on for my ears these days. I'm looking for something that will give me a bigger, warmer sound. I listen to a lot of Soul, Alt Country, Acoustic singer song writter music etc, all on vinyl. I want to keep the turntable, but update the amp and speakers. I'd love some horn speakers and a valve amp, but don't think my budget will stretc
  12. HI There, a friend recommended this site to me. I'm getting into Hifi gear (dangerous pathway), and this looks like a great site to explore. cheers, Neil
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