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  1. Hi Guys, I recently put the deposit down for a pair of JBL 4312s and am very excited to get my hands on them. However I need an amp . What basic specs should I look for to know they will match the speakers? My basic requirements are below. Budget $900 approx Needs - good sound - basic sound adjustability i.e. bass mid high frequency Wants - VU meters of some sort (happy with digital or analouge style) - resale value i don't care about aesthetics just the sound they make The system will be
  2. Awesome advice thanks guys. As a start I would probably be looking at the lower end of the spectrum e.g. $3k for speakers and an amp I have a 3 x 5m music room with basic sound treatment. I would actulaly use the system for DJing and listening to vinyl .
  3. With the desire to improve the sound in my home set up. I would like to hear an array of hi-fi equipment before I take the plunge. Can anybody recommend a place in Sydney to do this? Vintage or new I am not fussed.
  4. Hello, I am Toby from Sydney. I play records in my music room and have started to care about sound quality a lot more with age. Hoping to pick up a hi-fi system or tips to take the sound in my house to a new level.
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