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  1. On 19/10/2020 at 10:55 PM, Graywulf said:

    This is similar to the pre amp I use (Mine is an FX audio)


    you can also upgrade the op amps in most of these for another cheap improvement

    Hey @Graywulf, I was looking for something which ships from Australia (just to minimize shipping times), came across this - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HiFi-Bluetooth-5-0-Audio-Tube-Preamp-Stereo-Receiver-Headphone-Amp-USB-SD-Player/392913587460. The only difference I can see is that this uses 6k4 vs 6j1 in the one linked by you. Any idea if these are interchangeable etc or I will miss out on anything further down..Cheers

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  2. 3 hours ago, twofires said:

    I'd agree with optical out for the CCA. 


    As for receivers, I've used one of these in the past:




    For which I paid $200, which is slightly over the odds, but still great value. If you see one come up cheaper, it'll be worth it - very solid power supply, ubiquitous Burr Brown DAC. The UI is a bit of a pain without the remote, however. 


    As for speakers, there's the Pioneer Andrew Jones jobbies that you can get new for $250, or, if you're lucky, used for as low as $150. They don't really meet your punchy bass requirements, however. For that, in a bookshelf, look for something like Dynaudio DM 2/7s. Second hand they might be between $250-350 but the bass output is substantial and they are a great all-rounder. 

    Thanks for your reply @twofires. What's your views on pioneer vsx d510 and denon 1000x? 

  3. 10 hours ago, Graywulf said:

    Throwing a  curveball.

     I have an 'upgrade' to my 2nd (bedroom system)  recently and I'm suggesting it as an option that I think would let you spend time saving for serious upgrades and will give you separates to start from.

     I've been using one of the wee chinese 6J1 tube based pre amps, for a while (with upgraded tubes which are not expensive to get, and DO make a difference) but due to a speaker upgrade a little 8watt SE tube amp had to be upgraded and I took a 'punt' on a chinese NAIM NAP250 based 'clone' amp, and it's not too bad at all.  I see the Yamaha is about 70 watts 2 ch driven 20hz to 20kc tone which the wee 'naim clone' is also rated at.

     I was running a set of JPW sonata's (2 way bookshelf) and did try these with the 'naim clone' amp, it's certainly obviously a LOT punchier than the 8 watt SE and was not too bad at all.

     (speaker upgrade was a pair of KEF Concerto's that do need more than 8 watts). The pre and amp pair new are less than $300nz


    This is similar to the pre amp I use (Mine is an FX audio)


    you can also upgrade the op amps in most of these for another cheap improvement


    and this is the wee ''naim clone' amp I bought



    American equivalent of the 6J1 is the 6AK5. 6AK5 variants include 6AK5W, 5654, and Western Electric 402A. The European designation is EF95 < I'm running Philips EF85's in mine.

    Thanks @Graywulf, you have introduced me to completely new world of amps!  wll admit I am feeling a bit like a child again with a new world of possibilities :). I am very keen on the setup you have mentioned. Some noob questions:


    1. Is the preamp mandatory and does it need to be a tube preamp. I now understand that A/AB produce a sound whch is what I was after. Also these tube preamps can directly output onto active speakers ( which is another new learning)

    2. I feel I would also need to source the below separately ?

    a. replacement tubes.

    b. DV power supply(preamp) and

    c. possibly RCA + speaker cables(preamp to amp, amp to speakers (passive)). Is that correct?


    Will need some more time to establish, but willing to go this route !

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  4. 36 minutes ago, Old Man Rubber said:

    I have been looking as some of the cheap Class D stuff myself, but it seems like something of a minefield in that the reviews aren't consistent and the brand names shift/change along with the amps themselves. 


    A good quality, 2nd hand Yamaha or Denon HT receiver is around the same money.  I quite like the HT receivers from the era just before HDMI because you can buy them cheaply, they generally do what they say but still offer the ability to do 2.0, 2.1 or 4.0 or 4.1 or 5.1 depending on the settings.  Plus they all have a pile of inputs.  In my experience the Yamaha/Denon receivers are also more reliable compared to (say) a Sony of the same vintage.


    Aesthetically I would probably prefer a classic 1980s stereo receiver, but having bass management and the easy option of adding a subwoofer always makes me pause.


    There does seem to be a big range in "what the watt rating is" vs "what the receiver can actually achieve".  A Yamaha watt is genuine - the HT amps have oodles of power compared to other brands.  The Denon AVR 1100D HT amp I use in this room is fine as well but it just doesn't have the muscle that the Yamaha RX-V620 upstairs does.


    Both of them also have phono inputs which may or may not matter, but is a nice bonus as you move ahead.  The old Denon doesn't have any digital inputs but it does have a 6 channel anolog input set I have never used.


    Having bluetooth built into your receiver doesn't seem like much of a bonus to me - you can always add a bluetooth source or just plug your phone into the front mounted input on the AVR if it has one.  Bluetooth is fine in the car or when you're having a BBQ but I'd rather run a cable for streaming sources.


    The pre-HDMI, good-middling quality HT amps are such a screaming bargain to build a really satisfying 2.1 system around.  Also leaves more budget for stretching to great speakers.



    Spot on re:bluetooth, it's always better to do a loose coupling to get more "upgradability" - more so with the prices of new tech very closely related to market nowadays! . I am leaning towards getting a used Yamaha/Denon - are. there any av shops/online which so seconds/refurbs with some basic "peace of mind" because I am overwhelmed with the amount of used receivers on the market now  - or a basic checklist (BTW - sub out/on/off was a great tip) !!

  5. Hello all,


    1st post and sorry for any obvious noob questions. I have been into a lot of iems and headphones, but with the iso and work from home I am thinking of assembling a HiFi setup.


    I am based out of Sydney and live in a apartment [for now]. I might be moving to a bigger place in the next 6 months and that is when I will look at upgrading this initial setup.


    What I am after - a basic hifi setup. 

    - Amp (Stereo or 5.1) - Happy with used good condition one

    - Network streamer or Chromecast audio - I will be using primarily Tidal + Spotify and YT music( for different genres)

    - Bookshelf speakers - Happy to get used /good condition ones


    What I listen to : Rock, Jazz, Vocals classicals, Opera and symphonies, very keen on tonality and punchy base. I have realized I dont listen at higher volumes much but fidelity is important.


    Now comes the budget, I am looking at < 400-450(max stretch) $ for all the above with upgrades for each every 6 months(sooner based on the savings!). I am not even sure if we can do this at this price point.


    Some of what I have been looking at and seeking feedback

    - Polk Audio t15 bookshelf (200$)

    - used yamaha htr-2067(120$)

    - chromecast audio(70$)


    Thanks gurus for any help in advance !


    Edit 1: Any Sydney based AV stores recommendations whom i can get in touch with for advice as well?


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