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  1. Keen observation @Graywulf. Thanks for all your inputs, immense help!
  2. Hey @Graywulf, I was looking for something which ships from Australia (just to minimize shipping times), came across this - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HiFi-Bluetooth-5-0-Audio-Tube-Preamp-Stereo-Receiver-Headphone-Amp-USB-SD-Player/392913587460. The only difference I can see is that this uses 6k4 vs 6j1 in the one linked by you. Any idea if these are interchangeable etc or I will miss out on anything further down..Cheers
  3. Thanks for your reply @twofires. What's your views on pioneer vsx d510 and denon 1000x?
  4. Thanks @Graywulf, you have introduced me to completely new world of amps! wll admit I am feeling a bit like a child again with a new world of possibilities :). I am very keen on the setup you have mentioned. Some noob questions: 1. Is the preamp mandatory and does it need to be a tube preamp. I now understand that A/AB produce a sound whch is what I was after. Also these tube preamps can directly output onto active speakers ( which is another new learning) 2. I feel I would also need to source the below separately ? a. replacement tubes. b. DV power supply(preamp) a
  5. Excellent advice! Thanks @Old Man Rubber. I will do a "want to buy" soon
  6. Spot on re:bluetooth, it's always better to do a loose coupling to get more "upgradability" - more so with the prices of new tech very closely related to market nowadays! . I am leaning towards getting a used Yamaha/Denon - are. there any av shops/online which so seconds/refurbs with some basic "peace of mind" because I am overwhelmed with the amount of used receivers on the market now - or a basic checklist (BTW - sub out/on/off was a great tip) !!
  7. Thanks @Old Man Rubber. I did look at a proper 2.1 setup and I think this makes a lot of sense. Let me add that to my list. Do you have any other recommendations re: the used amps. I have seen some basic brand new class d ones retailing(ebay,amazon) at 80-120. Are they any good ?
  8. Hello all, 1st post and sorry for any obvious noob questions. I have been into a lot of iems and headphones, but with the iso and work from home I am thinking of assembling a HiFi setup. I am based out of Sydney and live in a apartment [for now]. I might be moving to a bigger place in the next 6 months and that is when I will look at upgrading this initial setup. What I am after - a basic hifi setup. - Amp (Stereo or 5.1) - Happy with used good condition one - Network streamer or Chromecast audio - I will be using primarily Tidal + Spotify and YT
  9. Hi everyone, this is my first post here. Hope to learn something about AV here! Ciao
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