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  1. Hi all. Thanks for the feedback. Good to know VAF seems to be held in high regard for so many of you and based on that Speaked Audition Shortlist I'll have to check out the i90s while I'm there. There is more replies here then I was expecting, so unfortunately I can't quote you all or else this post will get too big, but as an update from all your advice: I'll be audition the speakers in the next couple of days and will provide an update. I'm taking some music with me. I'll bring my computer that has some flac files on it, and also spottify. I know spottify isn't the be
  2. Hello, from the Adelaide Hills. BACKSTORY I've been lurking for a couple of days as I have a 30th coming up and my family want to get me a good set of speakers for my birthday. These will replace my small, but wonderful Bose Companion 3 Computer Speakers. I have been running my Technics 1200 through them (via the help of a cheap photo tube amp from ebay). Considering they are marketed as just computer speakers, they sound quite nice - especially for my small apartment living. Coincidently, they were also a present from my parents for my 21st. This time I caught on to the fact
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