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  1. Do I basically run the cable through a hole in the wall to the router and streamer directly.In other words no other connection points to affect the signal
  2. Ive tried to follow recent threads on ethernet cabling but I am struggling.Being new at streaming and still in the throws of setting it up still,could you please advise as to what cable I should run.I would need about 15 metres.
  3. BrownMagic I liked the Idea of an Auralic g1 ,and I can get one at a discounted price.Unfortunately they do not support Android.I have never really been an Apple type person so I am hearing good things around Lumin,but still open to suggestions.Equally in your earlier comments to me, i.e. Spotify connect, Tidal connect,Qobuz,are you saying mp3 is good enough,or am I reading you wrong
  4. I am currently still listening to a number of different speakers.My question at the moment is about 2 way and 3 way speakers.I dont if I am fooling myself under the guise that more is better,but I feel the 3 way speakers that I have listened to have more presence than 2 way.One manufacturer said 2 way is most definitely better.I appreciate cost would play a part in this,but for an equal value what do members prefer.
  5. BrownMagic I will be streaming from cloud sources.At this stage I would like ann external dac.I believe that I can then upgrade different components down the track. think I have found a dac that hes come highly recommended.Its a Gieseler Kompakt. Spotify is mp3 so am I right thinking mp3 is good enough or have I missed the point
  6. when using an external dac does both the streamer and the dac need to be MQA enabled to play MQA
  7. I thank you for your replies and anticipated replying back earlier but the state of origin got in the way. I was originally going to ask a more in depth question but decided to keep in simple.I was interested to know if there was a most important part to a streamer and I had in my mind the dac could be mentioned.As you can see I am very new at this .Very, very new.The amount I spend on a streamer will depend on the speakers and the amp.I originally wanted to spend about $10000 on the lot but I have now doubled that.I cannot believe the complexities that exist in this hobby and to understand
  8. I am still in the process of setting up a new hi fi system and as I will mostly listen to music via streaming I was hoping to go into a few hi shops and compare different media streamers. I am finding that there are not many to listen to ,mostly are purchased buy ordering them.As I am prepared to spend a considerable amount of money I would like to hear them first,I would like to know if members here buy just on what they read about or like speakers you would like to hear the difference between theses streamers.If anyone knows of a store with a range of streamers I would be g
  9. Yeah I am thinking of a dedicated tablet for streaming.Shouldnt be much more to learn with an Apple
  10. Thanks DrSK you have gone into this at great depth for me. I am a real newby and I basically understand what you are saying. I will certainly take onboard what you have said.
  11. Since posting this question I have learnt some streamers like the Auralic and Lumin do not support Android. Why would they not
  12. I think I have blown the budget.I recently listed tio some spendor d7.2 powered by Prima Luna Evo 400.Beautiful,but due to personal problems when I got home I had to delay the purchase.I am now waiting to hear spendor 9's that are 2yo in a couple of weeks and they are reasonable price.I will post when I hear them
  13. Those speakers are impressive winno ,what are they.Excuse my ignorance but I am learning that I am a real babe in the woods with all this,but whats the hook up.Those 5 other silver units that look identical have got me too
  14. I now have an opportunity to buy a 2yo pair of spendor 9 for a reasonable price and for the moment power it with my cuurrent yamaha aventage amp.i will later upgrade the amp.My concern now is what streamer I will buy with my budget of around $4000.I would be interested to know everyones opinion as my knowledge is limited. I was originally looking at spending less and considered a Lindeman Limetree setup but felt it may be limiting me long term and I am now considering an Auralic G1.As usual your thoughts are appreciated.
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