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  1. I am still enjoying this topic I started and although I new it would be very debatable,it has become bigger than I expected it to be.Since putting my system together I have gained further appreciation of what I have .It is beautiful and far better than I have owned previously ,and yet it it can unmask and offend more than any system I have ever owned .This was something I never expected and it has confused me .I find it interesting that while listening to different music and feeling how well some are recorded you can then fall over some piece of music that is even better than perfection
  2. Well, some time has past since I started this topic and after reading all replies, I would like to thank one and all for their comments. Some comments tended to go off on a tangent but most were constructive. Comments from DrSK , Aussie Vintage, Virgil to name just a few ,showed me that I am not alone with my impure thoughts, regarding tone control. For those discussing equalizers in depth,I have said that I wouldnt go down that wrong path. My system is 99% balanced I believe ,but the speakers are just a tad bright .I just sat and listened to Pink Floyd Money and when the sax kicked in I w
  3. Hi Steffen, When The Levee Breaks is just as well produced as any rock music of that period .Thats the way it was back then.Even a bit later INXS playing the Loved One also lacks the dynamics of more current music and yes my older system with tone would cut some of that tinny high frequency sound that does your head in.Interestingly after spending some time on the Auralic community support forum there are members asking for filters such as loundness switch as they say that they lose sound dynamics when volume down low.Equally, it was there they talked about pre amps with tone control.
  4. At this stage I am unable to run an ethernet cable.What I am wondering is the quality of sound I am getting from a solid state hardrive with flac quality ripped cd,s connected to the G1 affected by my wi fi.If not my wi fi streaming is as good as the hardrive.One exception is I get some interference on the odd occassion
  5. Hi one and and all, Well after finally putting together a hi fi system ,that is my most expensive and supposedly best ,I am quite rapt with it, That is ,with some of the music I play .The speakers ,which are the only secondhand part of the system,a
  6. Nothing is straightforward and a given.Even an ethernet cable
  7. I think what I got out of that is that I should run a cable.What cost effective cable should I get ,if run about 15 m.
  8. Well the Telstra Smart modem has arrived and hooked up and its a new ball game ,everything is now working perfectly. What a difference ,the upload speed prior was 35 and now 55.Interestingly up until about 10 days ago I was getting upload speeds of 90 and still fighting to stream music This smart modem has certainly helped the upload speed but I dont believe the speed has anything to do with my problem .I believe that it is to do with the technology of the router .I had a 3YO old technology router with brand new streamer of new technology .Standards change from what I gather thats why these
  9. Well Christmas over and I have time now to fix my wi fi problems.I about to buy the Ac 1900 router,but before I did I decided to look into the Telstra router that I have .It is a Gen 1 modem so they are now sending me a new Smart modem.Apparrantly after a little research there are two different smar.t modems the Technicolor and the Arcadyan.The technicolor is supposedely the better of the two.Dont know which one I will get.At this stage I would like to stick to wi fi.Wi fi is to me an interesting topic and one that creates debate.From what can gather both have pros and cons .So for now I wil
  10. Thanks mjs. I dont know if it is a smart modem.We bought this house 3 years ago and the nbn just went through this area.The modem/router is in the next room,very close.The streamer itself seems to pick up the wi fi ok.It shows that it is connected on the front display of the unit.The connection problem is between a new apple i pad that I bought specifically to operate the Auralic G1.Apparently ipad to G1 still has to be picked via the router according to Gareth who distributes Auralic in Australia.He also tells me it wont be a problem because of a lack of signal,it is simply a crap router.I
  11. Well after much to and froing I have finally set up a system which consists of a pair of secondhand Spendor 9,Prima Luna amp Auralic G1 streamer,Gieseler Kompact dac and all of Mike Lenehans best cables.Unfortunately the streamer is struggling because of what appears to be a router that is to basic.I spoke to Gareth at Auralic and he has said that the standard Telstra router needs replacing.I know nothing about routers and JB Hi Fi have too many for me to make a choice.I do not wish to spend more than necessary .I would your love your help as the wonderful system is struggling to play.I am
  12. Well this newbie is close to putting together his new and first decent hi fi system.I have managed to pick up a 2nd hand pair of Spendor D9s in mimnt condition and I have ordered Auralic Aries G1 transport streamer and a Gieseler Kompakt dac.I now have to come up with an amplifier.I recencently listened to a pair of Spendor D7.2s powered by a Hegel 390 and also powered by Prima Luna Evo 400.Both showed the full ability of those 7.2s.I would probably go the way of the Prima Luna purely based on price.But I am still up to hearing alternative opinions particularly if it saves me even mor
  13. Do I basically run the cable through a hole in the wall to the router and streamer directly.In other words no other connection points to affect the signal
  14. Ive tried to follow recent threads on ethernet cabling but I am struggling.Being new at streaming and still in the throws of setting it up still,could you please advise as to what cable I should run.I would need about 15 metres.
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