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  1. Griz, I recommend you check out this article. @gainphile has heaps of details on how he built and also the DSP details. I am doing a combination of this and the Econowave Deluxe, as I needed to build a passive crossover.
  2. Thanks for the info @davewantsmoore. I stumbled across these and they appear to be the original inspiration for DIYSG. At this stage, I am thinking of something along those lines using the following: Dayton Audio H6512 6-1/2" x 12" Waveguide 1-3/8"- 18 TPI Eminence B2S-A Aluminum 2/3-Bolt to 1-3/8"-18 TPI Screw-On Horn Adapter B&C DE250-8 1" Polyimide Horn Driver 8 Ohm 2/3-Bolt Eminence Beta-12A-II 12" Driver @gainphile used these components, but with an active crossover and had great results. With a 7.1.4 setup, I am wondering if I
  3. Hi Guys, I am really interested in getting some DIYSG speakers. I have run into a few hurdles, those being: They are out of stock They are struggling to get parts to fulfil the backlog of demand They don't ship to Australia, apart from using a forwarding company, which from talking with the owner is going to be painful. So I am exploring the idea of building myself some LCRs and surrounds from scratch based on the Dayton Audio H6512 6-1/2" x 12" Waveguide 1" Threaded. Mains, it is a Celestion CDX1-1742 compression driver (currently unav
  4. Idzy


    Thanks for the warm welcome! Well, I have always been into hifi and worked at JB-Hifi in my younger years. We had a few home theatres growing up and I have always enjoyed good quality music, whether that is through modified car audio systems, headphones, hifi or home theatre. I was the lead singer in a band for a number of years and so have a good understanding of music creation and production. I have also done quite a bit of audio engineering, dj'ing at parties, and live performances. My current system is a Marantz SR5003 AVR, Jamo S606 L/R, Jamo S60 CEN,
  5. Hi all, Just happened upon this forum after finding a group on Facebook and also a meet up link from 2006 in avs forums. Haha! I am keen to meet some more enthusiasts, so thanks for having me!
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