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  1. Further information: Hey Stereo peeps, Selling my HD595s as I'm upgrading to HD650. I have owned 2 pairs for about 10 years, keeping one pair as I am so used to them. I'm the original owner, bought the pair I'm selling in the US, from memory, while living there. Headphones are in very good condition, EXCEPT for a crack on one side of the plastic. Freaked me out when it happened, circa 2011 or so, but Googled and apparently it was a common issue. It happened in both pairs, the one I'm keeping has it on both sides. The cracks haven't changed at all in
  2. Yeah, my mistake gents. I used to run a RadioShack store when I lived in the US, Monster cables various claims must have finally gotten to me! One company I miss for the time I lived there was Monoprice. They made cheap no nonsense cables, but also had a 'quality' line which was still cheap as chips, but with gold connectors, better durability etc. Haven't found an equivalent here, although Swamp is decent.
  3. I have a bit of a Harvey Twoface opinion on the matter. Science and reason part of my brain: No, as long as you don't buy $2 shite from China, you'll be fine. And use balanced where needed and unbalanced where needed for analog, match Ohms for digital, clock correctly etc etc. Audiophile woo part of my brain: Gold connectors! Shiny cables! Oxygenised copper! So I tend to get quality cables where I can, and where I feel there's a benefit. I don't spend bank on cables for my old analog synths with unbalanced TS connections, though.
  4. Item: Audient iD14 Price Range: $150-350 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: As much of the original items included as possible Hey Stereoheads, Looking for a used iD14 (not iD4). If anyone has one for sale, or has any recommendations for an audio interface with headphone amp, please let me know!
  5. Update, got a HD 650 from a member here, still interested in a 600. Scooterss: Sorry man, not interested in a HD58X at this time
  6. Item: Sennheiser HD600 (650/6XX considered also) Price Range: 200-350 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Will pay more for box, any extras. Hey Stereoheads, please let me know if you have any Senny cans for sale. In Canberra, 2602 postcode.
  7. Hey SN peeps, I'm in Canberra, been using Sennheiser HD595's for a decade now. Looking to upgrade, which is one of the reasons I signed up here. Peace, love, and good music to all!
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