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  1. Anyone had any recent experience with the Ascension Subwoofers such as the 1225STL and above for music?
  2. If other buyer falls through I'd be interested. It would involve shipping also.
  3. Oh really, that's interesting. Another one added to the list then as I had dismissed them due to being advertised as home theatre subs. I think I'm a bit more confused now. I thought they would be boomy and lacking punch/speed. But maybe a bang for buck option!
  4. Out of interest how are these for music compared to say sealed SVS or others. I know Rel have the other range specifically for music.
  5. Thanks for the response Red Spade. This sounds interesting but confuses me a bit.. I think you're on the money here as the crossover on the dali is at 100hz and another sub I was looking at, the golden ear forcefield has a pre-set crossover at 120hz or 150hz and I believe my speakers go to 48hz. I'd be missing out on that lower end response and sound of my speakers. But in the case I wanted to try it out I was just wondering how a rca high level output would actually connect to my CXA80 as I've only seen speaker to speak
  6. Potentially looking at a used Dali SWA-15 and noticed on the back that it has a high pass filter outputs but they appear they are RCA. They say you can connect back to the amp but how would that work exactly? Photos attached
  7. Thanks Andy for your comprehensive reply and being gentle! I think I have a pretty clear picture of it all now. I was having a play around last night and Evos put out significant volume without the woofers appearing to be close to being over driven. I also want to enjoy their full frequency range. At the end of the day if I'm really wanting to push the system with tracks with a more demanding bottom end I can just EQ the bass back a notch on the amp and adjust the sub accordingly. I still think I prefer the idea of using the high level inputs. I imagine it would wo
  8. Interesting, seems to be quite rare for a subs to have high level outputs, we'll at least on the ones I've been looking at anyway.
  9. I think the issue I have is that there isn't a way on the amp to control the crossover of the main speakers.
  10. Thanks for replying Grainy! For the above did the sub have high level outputs as well to achieve that?
  11. First post on Stereonet forums so be gentle ; ) I have always been admirer but finally entered into the realm of decent hi-fi. After going down a highly enjoyable rabbit hole and researching every speaker under the sun ended selecting the Wharfedale Evo 4.2s and was lucky to find a mint condition used Cambridge Audio CXA80 which pairs beautifully with them. Super happy with their sound particularly great midrange. I'm looking for subwoofer to complete the setup and replacing my average 12inch pioneer. Looking at SVS, Kef and Martin Logan at this stage. The Rythmik F12 a
  12. Hi there, After extensive research just bought a pair of Wharfedale Evo4.2's and a mint used Cambridge CXA80. I'm upgrading from my 90s Denon amp and 80s NAD speakers. Waiting on delivery of amp but pretty excited to hear them together. Speakers sound great already with limited hours and only 50w running through them. Looking forward to perusing the forum.
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