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  1. That would be like a 5 or 6 out of 10 imo.
  2. Hi Folks...does anyone know of a flattening service here in Adelaide? Have a brand new Union Cafe that was warped when I opened it to spin. It’s on the smaller side of moderate so I reckon a flattening machine would sort it out... cheers, Ryan
  3. I’m not convinced that bookshelves would have enough power in a 50m2 room...bass might be a little weak? Or the amp would be running hard. Not sure how efficient they are, but I see they are rated 100 wpc RMS. IIRC the bluetooth Yamaha TT that was mentioned earlier in the thread has a matched speaker setup that you should check out. Then in terms of your system upstairs, I doubt the Yamaha would be an upgrade to your Rega. Rega P3 with a nice cartridge is a very good TT...
  4. Lol...sorry! I didn’t read the header...thought it was a Stereonet app that was discontinued. My bad! Was just looking for something a little simpler than my browser. Anyhoo...thanks for the feedback guys
  5. Thanks...is it on Tapatalk somewhere? I wasn’t able to find it?
  6. Apologies upfront if this has been answered elsewhere as I couldn’t find a thread. Does StereoNet AU exist on Tapatalk? Or is there a dedicated SN App? cheers, Ryan
  7. Al, have you tried toeing out the speakers as I suggested earlier? Extreme toe-in (so that the apex of the sound ‘triangle’ ends up in front of your listening position) can also work? For me personally, speaker setup/fiddling can yield major benefits without spending any dosh?
  8. Personally, I’d go for the more revealing diamond profile as my first choice. In other words, upgrade to a microline. IIRC the Olympia is an elliptical, so you would have a more refined version of the AT95EN sound IMO Sumiko are generally warm, and the Oyster series has a lower mass cantilever). Wiser heads can probably add more, but if it were my spending the money, I’d upgrade the AT95 to ML and see how you go
  9. This is an outstanding table, and very good price...have one myself. GLWS!
  10. Sorry about the misunderstanding Sir. You see, when you said ‘Hifi Separates’, I think I misunderstood what you meant...
  11. I’ve heard excellent things about these Houdini decouplers...worth it in your opinion? And what sort of difference did it make?
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