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  1. Thanks all for the input. I know AU price are usually more expensive than other countries but the difference was not as significant as hifi equipments so I thought maybe I needed to know something more before I commit the purchase. It is not a small amount for me ... Yes, I would definaltely visit brick and mortar store if I could but living in Melbourne, I cant really do that yet. Perhaps I should wait until the lockdown is over and then make a purchase.
  2. Hi Everyone, I was always wanted to get into hifi world and saved enough money to purchase a pair of floor standing speakers and integrated amplifier to start my journey. I've done the research and decided to go with KEF R7 and CA CXA81 so I started searching online to see which shop would offer the best price but looking at 5-7 shops, they were all selling at $7000 for KEF R7. It was quite shock to me as KEF US's RRP was shown at U$4000 which would be equivalent to A$5500 and since it is retail, I thought it would be even cheaper. Just wondering if it is n
  3. Just got into hifi world and would love to see what information can be found and share in this Forum Jun
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