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  1. Im just thinking out load, you can delete this post if its already done. I think there should be a section in this forum dedicated to user product reviews where you have categories ie DAC's amps etc, and under those sections you have individual posts with just the name of the product as the topic name. As a user i would start a topic for a new product and add my review and some specs and pics, and below people can add their own reviews, you can add a star rating system and show the average rating in the topic name. Make it all easily searchable, ie by brand or type of gear.
  2. I have a pair of these they sound very nice, very good value for money
  3. I live up the road from you, but i already have the C328, C272 & C350, and my Brother has the C388
  4. Item: Rega DAC-R Price Range: reasonable Item Condition: fully working & New or Used Extra Info: Im looking for a Rega DAC-R(not Rega DAC which i alleady have) im located in SA, but can do interstate too.
  5. Only use the video outputs on the graphics card, don't mix with mother board and graphics card. The Graphics card should have another DVI video output and the Samsung 24inch should have DVI input, use DVI cable($5 from MSY) to hook them up and use the HDMI to TV. Your motherboard may have a optical out on the back or spdif coaxial pin outs, hook receiver up with these. Maybe Try to use a program called DVBViewer to run the Leadtek TV capture card.
  6. Item: M2Tech HiFace 2 Price Range: reasonable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for one of these USB to Coaxial converters to use with my old DACs to get the full 192KHz Prefer South Australia for local pickup, but can do interstate too Are there any retail stores in Australia that sell these? I got it from criticalsound.co.nz , i highly recommend this company they are the only official Australian distributor for M2tech atm, infact the only way you can buy the Hiface2 in the oceania region, trust me i have looked everywhere. Talked to Ian he is a good
  7. I am new to this forum, i live in SA, looking to buy a better DAC, my current rig is NAD c328 going to VAF DC7 gen4., using computer desktop as a source.
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