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  1. Further information: We have 8 Multi Fuser Wood 64's available in next to perfect condition used in our showroom for sale at 50% off. We no longer have the boxes so this deal is strictly pickup only. Pricing is EACH not all The units are currently sitting at Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill should you wish to inspect the goods. If you have further questions please contact us on our email - infor@radianceav.com.au Improve the performance of your audio system by addressing the factor that has the biggest impact on how your home theatre system sounds – The Room. Made from s
  2. Strange - depends on what you're after though. You can just go through the list of Radiance Dealers to see what's closest to you. There's also Mwave which are doing some good deals online too. Apollo HiFi & Video Centre Ranges: Tonar, Opera Loudspeakers, Audio Desk, Chord Electronics Ph: 1300 694 434 Website: www.apollohifi.com.au Address: 283 Victoria Road, Marrickville NSW, Australia View Dealer Audiophile Reference Recordings Ranges: Tonar, Soundsmith, Audio Desk Ph: 0411 261
  3. Find your nearest Meze/Earmen dealer Dealer Locator - Radiance AV
  4. Have a look at these hot deals. Not to mention promotions on 99 Classics and Rai Penta's. Check out any Radiance AV dealer for details.
  5. Flexi wood Light Brown B00046 1399/now 700 Flexi Wave B00903 white/grey 1190/ now 600 Flexi Wave B00894 Wenge/black 1190/ now 600 Flexi Wave B00879 Lightbrown/black 1190/now 600 Flexi Wave B00934 Wenge/Black 799/400 Flexi Wave B00943 White/grey 799/400 Vixagon VMT black B04171 1300/ now 800 Vixagon VMT white B04180 1300/now 800 Vari Panel cherry V0083 299/now 150 Visquare beige 750/ now 400 Visquare blue 750/now 400 Visquare dark brown 750/now 400 Visquare orange 750/now 400 Cinema round dark brown B00549 Vixagon premum
  6. I'm not going to give anything away but... Keep an eye out for some VERY nice Black Friday deals coming from Radiance AV dealers.
  7. Very good question Marc; The Meze Classics offer are available where all fine headphones are sold https://www.radianceav.com.au/dealer-locator/
  8. Lend me your ears!!!! Meze are offering over 10% off 99 Classics (Gold and Silver) and Neo till the 31st of December 2020. These will make a GREAT Xmas gift or just why not drown out the family or office space and buy a pair for yourself This comes from the company that supported the Australian Bushfire Volunteers by donating a set of Rai Penta's. The Classics go down to $500 and the Neos to $330
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