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  1. Your taste is my taste! It is wonderful if we could live in the old time and enjoy life more slowly. Living and enjoy art everywhere. Now they live in rush of chasing money...
  2. I also love Pho very much! Next time you could visit Dalat, place I love the most in Vietnam! I have been to Melbourne too, it is very nice place and beautiful beaches, and the people too. Nice to meet you!
  3. Thanks all for your friendly and hospitable! I'm happy to share my experience to all of you to achieve better gears for your next upgrade. Now I could short describe each brand sounds signature in general term. Start with Denon... 1. Denon = Strong, fast, a bit dry, narrow, precise and tight sound, the bass tail is short and urgent in finish, Vivid sound, not suitable for soft types of music. (maybe they focus mostly in FET design), I think this should work for rock and pop 2. Sony = Bright, fast, sharp, smooth and wider sound stage than Denon, flying sound and play nic
  4. My name is Sky from Saigon, Vietnam. I'm soundeholic and I'm chasing better sound since I have owned my first junk Sansui amplifier from the last 3 years which costed only $100 in my area (Sansui AU-707F). I'm not focus to any specific Hi-fi brand but trying bit by bit, day by day to experience all type of signature sound brands. Now I owned many different brands such as Sansui, Sony, Pioneer, Yamaha, Denon, Heco, Diatone, Kenwood and still in my chasing mood. My latest impressive amplifier model is Sansui Au 907MR, I couldn't explain how beauty the art of sound this amplifier could participat
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