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  1. Probably a long shot but does anyone know what brand/model this speaker mount is? I currently have 3 but need another one to mount some speakers to my ceiling. Or does anyone know a similar speaker mount that can tilt & pan & can support a 5kg speaker? Cheers
  2. Item: Denon avc x8500h / x6700h Price Range: $4000-$5000 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: need an avr that can do 9.x.4.
  3. I'm also interested but suspicious since it's so much cheaper than retail.
  4. Would this still be worth it considering the negative reviews towards the new series of arcams?
  5. Item: Denon avc x8500h or x6700h & Epson eh-tw9400 Price Range: ~5k for the denons & ~3.5k for the Epson Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Need an avr that can process 13 channels for a 9.14 system. Based in Sydney. Willing to pay shipping fees.
  6. Would they match the current krix line up such the neuphonix or harmonix?
  7. Planning a new home theatre in our basement. Hoping this place can help. Thanks
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