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  1. Not using the Eos Reference Elite but did demo them back to back with the Eos Reference and the Titans.... I went with the Titans as they did everything just so much better, not that either of the Eos models were bad but the Titans were producing a certain something that no standmount speaker should be capable of. I run mine about 35cms out from the rear wall, so pretty close to the suggested. 20-30cm and they, like the Eos, have a very wide sweet spot, with no toe in required. I cannot comment on how they might perform with the LM805 but I can tell you that combined with C
  2. Looked at the Vinyl, most of what I wanted was either Out of Stock or still a bit expensive, ended up with 17 CD's for under $80 though so very happy with that.
  3. I had never thought too much of this album compared to the other Steely Dan recordings I have. However, listening to in on my current set up for the first time has drawn me into it like never before.
  4. So I am at about the 3 month stage now and everything is well and truly run in. And a little tube rolling has occurred too, courtesy of the the classifieds here. First up was the 12AX7/ECC83 with the stock JJ ECC83S being replaced by a Brimar 12AX7 long black plate and this immediately gave the impression a veil had been lifted from in front of the speakers. And just this week the supplied Electro Harmonix 12AU7’s made way to a pair of mid sixties Mullards. Wow! There is now a level of detail, crispness, subtle nuances in voices and instruments that has blown me away. Not to menti
  5. Slipping into Saturday arvo. Beautifully dynamic recording on this, perfect for testing out the new to me 60’s vintage Mullard 12au7’s.
  6. Might be about time I updated my 1978 pressing!
  7. From before Icehouse were Icehouse.
  8. Would be rude not to listen to on its 44th birthday.... released this day in 1977.
  9. Spinning a bit of Supertramp on a Saturday afternoon.
  10. Can’t go past a bit of Jackson Browne on a Thursday evening.
  11. Probably completely unrelated, but could the interference be caused by something else somewhere? I recently changed my phono stage and had a similar (but not identical) humming/buzzing/static sound issue..... after a lot of head scratching, hair pulling and changing over of connections etc it turned out the be the Powerline LAN setup I had running. Replaced the Powerline adapters with a Mesh Wifi throughout the house and problem solved.
  12. Sure have, 1953 12ax7 black long plate thanks to @MoveD.
  13. Osborn Titans made here in Melbourne, great sound and the finish on them puts most other furniture to shame. Also Osborne speaker cable and RCA interconnect.
  14. Picked these Titans up from Greg a couple of months ago, along with an amp and phono stage. Pat Cummins bowling the Indian captain in the reflection!
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