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  1. Thanks - I ended up finding a Rotel RMB 1066 (6-channel) which I am using to bi-amp each of my L/C/R channels. It has made an enormous and positive difference - so much so that I'm considering finding another one to run the remaining 6 Rear & Height Channels. Unfortunately, there is little scope to shift my speakers away from the walls given the room configuration. Thanks everyone for your input!
  2. Bigger screen is on the wish list but not quite yet 😊 The issues I’ve had are a particular harshness in certain frequencies and voices, most noticeable from the centre. I’ve had the centre checked thoroughly by the speaker hospital Sydney and it has a clean bill of health. I find this problem somewhat resolves when running stereo only which leads to my theory about power amps. There is otherwise a muddiness to the front sound stage which admittedly could be resolved with more distance from the wall - agreed. The room is a tricky layout and space is limited so I may n
  3. Thanks 😊 That’s ok. They’re 8ohms speakers and I’m going to bi-amp rather than bridge it.
  4. The NAD M25 must be amazing. Looks like an absolute behemoth! Did you buy it second-hand?
  5. I’ll buy! That would be ideal! How much would you want for it? Happy to ship to Sydney?
  6. Interesting - no unfortunately the room and layout are the only choices. I know it’s not perfect - lots of hard surfaces. But I don’t own it unfortunately. I used to have the room laid out differently before wall mounting the tv and only used the P31s in stereo; it sounded better (but stereo always does). As for your point about stand mounts - now that’s funny you should say. I actually picked up the P11s off gumtree recently. Couldn’t let them pass me by. They’re in storage right now but perhaps I could give them a trial run? Seems a shame not to use the P31s if I’ve got them, but w
  7. Thanks - in total it’s powering 9 speakers. I can shift the L/R out from the wall a little, but the width is constrained by the dimensions of the room (staircase in the way etc)
  8. Hi all - I'm trying to find a decent power amp for my front sound stage, preferably second hand to save a few $$$. I'm currently running a brand new Denon AVR-X4500H for my 5.1.4 system. My front sound stage is made up of 2xWhatmough Performance Series P31s, plus the matching P06 Centre. None of these seem to be getting the required power from the receiver, which is sounding slightly harsh and almost distorted as I crank the volume. Stereo-only mode sounds fine. I love the look of the Elektra HD2 series power amps - either 3 or 7 channels (if 7 I'd bi-amp each o
  9. Hi team - looking forward to contributing.
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