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  1. OK, the first three are the later system, as installed. The last photo (3025) is the older system sitting on top of the box. I think the turntable is in a cupboard somewhere. Manuals might prove hard to find as I am not that way inclined. And the things you find when you take photos... The marking on the speaker cover is the cat who obviously decided many years ago he needed to own my speakers. Can't see it straight on so I'm as surprised as you good people are.
  2. Thanks. I have all the remotes fior the amp and the CD player and linking cables. The second set was the next level up, I was on a better rate of pay when I bought them, but still cost me around $2,000 each system. When you say remove the dust do mean wipe over the case or blow out the innards? They have been stored in sealed boxes for the past 15-odd years.
  3. I have 2 Onkyo amps and cassette or CD players that re both around 30-35 years old which are no longer being used. These are both Japanese made and have been very good systems for what they are. Call it a disorder but I can't bear to just chuck them. Are they worth anything to anyone? The first system is a TX-18 amp (30W per ch), a TA-2028 cassette player and I think I have a record player for this one as well. This is the older one, probably bought in 1986. The second system is a TX-840 (60W per ch?) and a DX-2700 cd player, paired with speakers from Eastwood hi-fi calle
  4. Yes, they do a good job. They do perform better at higher volume but just as good for background music at a BBQ. The supposed 'wide sound field' I don't really get, as I can find the centre spot between the speakers to even the sound. I will at some point angle them in a little bit as currently they shoot straight out along the bearers for the roof. Compared to the Cinemate system I have for the TV they lack bass, but they do sit under a tin roof with totally wrong placement for a speaker. I have wondered if the subwoofer would improve it, but I really don't have an easy way to
  5. Well by luck I found a never used pair of Bose 251 and bought them. So far, I am totally happy with their sound, I didn't use the sub and returned it. For my spot this is a great setup and very happy. The depth of sound is good and the Bose are not bright like the Yamaha or Paradigm I checked with good natural bass.
  6. So today I bought a Yamaha WXA-50 and an Accent Acoustics Hide 8" 100amp subwoofer. Got what I think was a good deal from Eastwood hifi (200 bucks off the amp). Listened to Paradigm and Yamaha speakers with mixed results. With the sub the speakers are reasonably similar - not equal but. I also went and listened to Klipsch and Bose. My ears liked the 251 Environmental as they had a nice filling sound. All the others sounded very bright with no depth. So I am thinking I will go with Yamaha AW592, as my original budget is now hit. Whats the thoughts on these? Am I selli
  7. I want to put speakers and an amp to run them, connected to iPhone or iPad. I've done some research but starting to get drowned in options. This is going into a gable patio, 10m long by 5.5m wide and attached to the house on the 10m side, the other sides all being open. First requirement is music for parties, so sort of background loud. Then I want a bit of volume if I am working in the yard. My budget is $1,000. I am a Bose fan so 251 Environmental appeal, at $625. However, I am happy to look at others. I do prefer full sound so some good bass would be nice. The 151 Environmental s
  8. Joined to get advice on outdoor systems and to see if my obsession with Bose is warranted. Might also have to ask about car amplifiers as I am sure my car could sound better.
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