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  1. First thing - I don't need these pucks, someone else more needy can pick 'em up. Second thing - I've got a CDX2.2, and the puck looks like this. Not that easy to compare, but I think the pucks you have are a little different. The metal ring is a bit larger in mine. I checked the manual, and I think your pucks might be for the CD5si.
  2. I bought some specialist cables last year from overseas, and can attest that an extra of around 25% is added to the base price. I've been tempted to get some other items from overseas (which can be obtained in Australia), but after calculating it carefully, have decided it's not worth it. As others have said, you have no support, and that theoretical saving might not work out to be worth the risk at the end of the day. So I'll only get something overseas if it's something which can't be obtained at all locally. I can attest to buying second hand from SNA classifieds. I just obtain
  3. Welcome! I have KEF R700 as the fronts on my surround system, which are the older version of the R7. The sound quality is very good for the R series. I'm a bit surprised they sound bright for you. I never found KEF speakers ever tending to brightness, but maybe some room correction is in order. For myself, I found the bass can end up being a bit woolly. I had to try endless combinations of the port plugs to get it to sound right. The ND5 XS2 is a good basic Naim source unit. Be careful though, it's a long, slippery slope to upgrading, power supplies and so on. But it looks like vin
  4. Snoop has given some good advice. I'm in a situation where my front left and right are KEF R700 (extremely good), while the rear surrounds are Audio Pro Avanto tower speakers. The KEF is much higher audio quality, but the Audio Pro have 8" woofers and give deeper bass. Theoretically, they are not timbre matched at all, but bizarrely, it seems to work.
  5. These are great speakers, and don't look as funny as their successor. The bass is not bloated at all, but well controlled, with great projection of the sound.
  6. From all the comments here, it looks like their more recent products have better reliability. Happy for all of you that whatever you got worked out. Their CX series have good reviews, and the Edge products look interesting. Just wish my 551R didn't die!
  7. There's an awful lot of electronics needed to build an AV Receiver, and they're somewhat of a mass market product. Quite different from HiFi stereo components. It might not have been the skill set Cambridge Audio had, so eventually they decided to give up on it. But yes, a pity. If they could have maintained the manufacturing, and mastered the quality control, it would have been a great product line.
  8. It's nice to know I'm not the only one buying CDs. The worst packaging is the pure cardboard. Invariably, the CD is wedged inside and I have to tear it half open to get it out. I was thinking of getting CD cases and repackaging these in there, the only problem being I need to find the time to do this. Some of the best CD casing is the cardboard with plastic inset holders, like this.
  9. Never personally in my mind labelled Underground Lovers like that, but yes, Leaves Me Blind is in a Shoegaze style. That and Cold Feeling (totally different in style) are the albums I like most from them. Thanks for sharing that article. Interesting read. Most of the bands I've heard of, though at the time, I didn't get a chance to track down some of their material. I remember hearing a Moose song on the radio - Uptown Invisible - thinking it was fantastic, but couldn't find their CD in the store back then.
  10. Same as the OP, after my prior experiences, I am never touching the brand again. The store I bought the Pioneer N-70AE from had trouble "fulfilling" the order, and suggested a CXN instead. I said No Way! The CXN rated highly in reviews (whatever that means), but in any case, I was pleasantly surprised by the high musical quality of the Pioneer. There are other interesting CA products like Edge, but I've probably moved on from its sound anyway.
  11. Lush was my favourite of the Shoegazing bands, although they hated the term. Gala was actually an amalgam of their first 3 EPs. It has their classic track De-luxe. After this, they released Spooky, which would be their most refined release, and then the sound changed markedly, and I don't know if it could really be called Shoegaze at that point, but it was still a very Lush-like sound. Unfortunately, after 4 albums (if you count Gala as an album), their drummer committed suicide, and that was the end of the band. MBV, Ride and others didn't quite measure up to the mark in my mind a
  12. Yeah, I know, I can do that. Just too lazy so far, and not much free time. But maybe I'll get around to it for some select downloads. I'm paralleling Streamer and CD Player to see which way I prefer long term as my main source.
  13. Lucky you. I actually liked the sound of the 551R, it had excellent presence. I would have kept it if it had not broken down.
  14. Use SSDs, they should be more reliable than the metal platter discs. I myself still like CDs, although I'm starting to get music now in direct digital form because the CD isn't available, or it's not worth it shipping from overseas. There is something intangibly physical about CDs, which isn't the same when scrolling through a playlist on a computer. Some of the music I have on CDs is obscure, I don't think you could download it from anywhere. A CD player is simple, nothing to keep patching. Having said that, I have dual sources - CD and streamer - and over time, I'll see whether I
  15. 640C CD Player - After a few years, kept refusing to play discs until eventually it was unusable. 640A Integrated Amp - Still working, I think. Stuck in a cupboard somewhere. 551R AV Receiver - After a couple of years, no sound from any digital inputs - HDMI, toslink, whatever. Only analogue stereo in worked! Out of warranty. Became a large paper weight at that point. So from my own personal experience - 2 out of 3 components ultimately failed.
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