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  1. My first tape multitrack was a Tascam 3340, the model before this . They really had a winner with the 3440 ... a great unit. GLWS ! ( I still own a Tascam 8 track and I've had a 16 track as well)
  2. Yes. There are 4 panels in a box. One box is $577 ( normally $1049) They have 10 boxes available. Shipping included. cheers
  3. I can understand that ! (True story) My little dog danced on my iPad and" bought " a pair of speakers off EBay . I had to message the guy and tell him "my dog danced on the iPad " Not sure he bought the excuse...similar to a dog ate my homework....but it was true ! So saying it was done by your daughter ...I can totally buy that. GLWS
  4. How I've wanted these, ever since I was helping in a hi-fi shop in 1973 when I first heard them...they always demoed "In a Glass House" by Gentle Giant . ( I do have a bookshelf Amt version ) GLWS
  5. Bruel and Kjaer are the " Rolls Royce " of laboratory test equipment....Its a beautiful piece ! Glws
  6. I’ve got a pair of Vaf DCX and I’ve got a Sunfire Theatre Amp (5 x 250w) coming next week ....so I might be able to tell you !
  7. Got this same combo myself ....amazing you still have the boxes ! GLWS
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