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  1. High Level/Speaker Level connections are superior anyways compared to a lfe or a sub out. There will be no harm to your amp.
  2. I have used the Marantz PM6006 with Elac UniFi UB5 speakers which are 85db@4 ohms. They can drive them to decently loud levels so your speakers will never complain about the need for more power. However what is also important is system synergy. Marantz is a warm relaxed amp. If your speaker is also very relaxed then it probably won’t be engaging. So keep that in account when you consider an amp. Cheers.
  3. I have had the Pioneer BS22 LR, Elac Debut, Elac Unifi and now using the Elac Adantes. So pretty much most of the Andrew Jones designed speakers. It is very hard to beat them at their price points. However for your choice in music which is 60s to 80s rock, the debut might be a little harsh. It is not the speaker's fault. Garbage in is garbage out and most of the music recorded in that Era which are in streaming sound quite bad. So ideally look at speakers which are forgiving at the top. Wharfedale Denton might be in your price range.
  4. I am an Elac Discovery user and I am probably the very few people who use Roon Essentials. A scaled down version of Roon. I have to admit that it is probably the best software that is out there if you want to be able to stream Tidal. I have experience with BluOS, Sonos and Naim Software and Roon is still better than all of them. Worst is probably the Arcam software which comes with the SA30. Its called mconnect. For Spotify, I however prefer Spotify connect which is a far superior experience to any of the streaming softwares like Roon. Now I understand, that Roon i
  5. My friend who is a DJ after using the S400 moved to the A500. According to him the actives are in a different league to the S400. If there is a possibility to send the S400 and get the A500 then it would make sense. For the 2.5k in price difference, you get serious amplification, filters to change the sound according to your taste, room correction and streaming. Also from my experience, the rotel and b&W are probably not the best pairing. B&Ws are extremely clean sounding with super high resolution and Rotels are also similar and hence it is too much of the same kind which
  6. My LM-150 is sold out in Singapore and I have to wait until end of October so expect some radio silence from me on this post
  7. You have to ignore the safari error. Glad that you are able to use it now. Make sure you are updated to the latest version both on the app as well as the roon core. Cheers.
  8. What is the error that you are getting? I use the Elac Discovery.
  9. You can consider the Marantz PM7000N if you want an all in one. Sound is on the warmer, relaxed side. Parasound Classic 200 integrated. More muscle but lacks a streamer. Cambridge CX series are very good. Fast amp. Offers good PRAT.
  10. EL34 has a good midrange but many find the bass to be thin. It all boils down to the design of the Amp. If sounding Tubey means warm relaxed sound, then pre amp tube rolling will give you plenty of options. Cheers
  11. Being in Singapore, I am aware of lots of Chinese Tube amps in the market. PrimaLuna and Ayon which claim to be European Brands are "Designed in Europe" are all made in China. So bottom line is that China makes the bulk of the tube amps in the world today. And since most of these Tube amps are old designs with schematics available, the Chinese picked it up and started making Tube Gear. Some are crap and some are very good. Among the Chinese made amps, Line Magnetic is probably the best in terms of the quality and it can hold its own with western made brands. Line Magnetic was started by Ex Cay
  12. Tidal works out cheaper if you have more mates who would be keen to sign up. I pay 10 use a month on a plan shared by 3 of us. The advantage is that you can your own login as well. The plan owner will have to pay Tidal and then you sort it out amongst yourselves.
  13. Looking at your speaker specs, I feel it would need a decently powerful amp and I am not sure if the Musical Fidelity will be able to feed the 83db @ 5 Ohm sensitivity that your speaker needs. It would be helpful if you could also share your room dimensions and what volumes you will be listening at. What Idea of Class A do you like? How would you describe your speaker's tonality and how would you describe your ideal sound? Based on that one might be able to share the way forward. Cheers
  14. Thanks a lot. Ive been using SS all this while and it is my first dance with the tubes.
  15. I think you what you say makes sense. The Zu's are super easy to drive, Single Driver. The Wharfedales with multiple driver and a 4 ohm load would for sure do better with more power. I will report once I taste my own mix! From your experience, in terms of the how hot these two get, would you say they both are similar? Ive heard mix reviews with some saying the KT150s disperse heat better and hence the amp runs cooler than those with the KT88 tubes. Would be keen to hear your views since you have tried them together. Worried about the Dog
  16. My reasoning has been similar. The 805 with an easier speaker would be a very special sound. It for sure has a golden colour that is added to all frequencies so purists might argue. In Singapore, the 805 and 150 cost exactly the same, so it all boils down to speaker matching and the kind of music one listens to. In a perfect world, we will have an 850 (805+150) LOL
  17. Thanks a lot Cam. I can't agree more. The system synergy is more important than an individual component. And choice of tubes for me had to come down to the speaker load. Have you had a chance to compare the LM88 and LM150? My speakers are power hungry and I feel that the LM150's 100 watts should seal it for me.
  18. Hello. I have created a thread on my LM journey. Can you please comment on that so that it would keep all questions together 🙂
  19. Everyone has Air Conditioning in Singapore! It is hot and humid through out the year. Lol. However, you reckon the LM150 amps get very hot? I have been using the LM88 IA and while it gets hot, It never got so hot that I needed to turn the aircon on. I read somewhere there that KT150 tubes disperse heat better than KT88. The 300B tubes on the LM805, for sure some serious ventilation.
  20. Thanks a Lot Grizzly. I see that you are a LM dealer. I think you are doing audiophiles a great service. I think the LM brand is phenomenal for the money. It sometimes is unfairly written of as a Chinese product but pound for pound it is a heavy weight in all aspects. What is your view on the LM150s? In Singapore, the 805IA out sells the LM150 as the typical chinese music are vocal and trebble focused and 805IA with its golden midrange wins. But for harder to drive speakers and rock music ( Beatles to Black Sabbath), I felt the need for more power. I hope the LM150 does the job! The excitement
  21. Hello All from Singapore. This is my first post on this forum though I have read a lot of posts but I decided to become a member because I am on my way to starting my Tube journey and I believe this forum is the bible for tubes! This post is a cut and paste job of some of my many posts in the Singapore forum. I saw the LM is getting popular down under so I thought it would be great to catch up with LM users and also help future buyers. My setup is as follows Speakers - Elac Adante AF61 (87dB/6 ohm) SS Amplifier - Peachtree Nova 300 Integrated with Phono TT - Rega Planar 3 w
  22. Hello All from Sunny Singapore. I noticed that Line Magnetic is quite popular in this forum and hence I wanted to share my LM journey. I look forward to connecting with y'all. Cheers BM
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