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  1. The best user experience. There is no software today including Roon that can come close to the experience that the native app gives.
  2. @madfonzy - You are right. I did not intend to belittle the MA8900. It would be a great amp for most people. I was just surprised that when you spend 5 figures on an integrated amp, you do not expect it to improve when you add a 1k dac in the chain. I wish Mcintosh made the DAC module optional. I am surprised that the Ares 2 betters even the C2700 from your experience.
  3. Tidal app has no role to play with Roon. You will have to install a roon remote on every user’a device and that is how they will be able to access Tidal. I don’t think roon has any integration with Spotify either. From what I have read from your requirements, the only reason Roon can come in handy is because you want to rip the 1k CDs that you have. Roon will become obsolete for you if the ripped files are out of the equation.
  4. Rega Brio is a pretty capable performer and you could retain it. Spend the 2k budget that you have on a Wharfedale Lintons with Stands. It will get the big warm sound that you are looking for. Great for the genres that you like and a good pairing with the Brio.
  5. What I meant by DACs come in diff colours is that each of them have their traits. Some are analytical which help when introduced in a system which could help with some more details. Some are laid back which can help in toning things down. So it would be good to first understand what you are lacking in your current setup and then you could find a solution.
  6. https://help.roonlabs.com/portal/en/kb/articles/faq-what-are-the-minimum-requirements#Recommended_Hardware The above has all that you need to get your roon core started. I use a 2015 Mac Mini as a headless roon server and ive not had any issues. I am not sure if a dedicated Roon server like the nucleus and the likes improve SQ. If you are looking at your CDs ripped, do check out the Innous streamers as well. They also double up as your Roon core so one less box.
  7. It would be helpful if you could share with us what is the improvement you are looking for by adding an external dac? DACs have diff colours so. Also there are not many dacs under 1k that can improve the Node2i. A few that I can think of which can do MQA 1) Topping D90 ( Neutral Sounding) 2) SMSL 400 ( Warmer) Non MQA 1) Denafrips Ares II
  8. How do you consider the Bluesound Node 2i as a transport? Compared with the rest of your streamers? Thanks
  9. Tidal and Qobuz are High Resolution streaming (16/44 to 24/196). I suggest you first finalise on your speaker and then you should get to the electronics because each of them add to the sound. There are more than 1 way to get into streaming. You can read the below article which should give you a good understanding the streaming game. https://darko.audio/2020/05/digital-music-streaming-101/
  10. 24) Proj-ect Audio: Adding Tidal Connect to the Stream Box S2 Ultra is currenlty planned. It is not planned to add it to the regular Stream Box S2, the Stream Box DS2T or Stream Box RS
  11. Hi Nik This is a fully burned in Ares which goes on a home trial for anyone who wants to try it. This a nice system that Vinshine audio offers in Singapore. I am very keen to demo the Pontus. I feel it should address some of the issues the Ares had. How do you describe the Pontus? What is the rest of your gear and what music do you mostly listen? :-)
  12. Tested the Ares II in two setups over a period of 5 days. 1) Ultrarendu USB to Ares II RCA to Mcintosh MA8900 to Kef Ref 1 In the above setup the goal was to compare the Ares II against the internal DAC of the MA8900. Straight out of the box, the setup sounded quite flat and warm but in about 4 hours of the DAC being turned on, the first thing that was noticed was the sound stage. It just was going much outside of the speakers. We played multiple tracks and when we close our eyes and try to point where a particular sound came and each time it was outside the realm of t
  13. How do you plan to feed a stream into this DAC? As in how do you plan to connect to this DAC? Will there be other devices that would connect into this DAC? At the price point of the Gieseler, you could also consider the Denafrips Ares II. It is ridiculously good DAC for the money.
  14. There is no stand alone transport can do full MQA decoding. Full MQA always involves an MQA capable DAC. For those who are using Lumin, the Lumin Engineer has given a good explanation in the below link. You have not mentioned if you would be streaming from cloud sources like Tidal/Qobuz or if you have local files. The software is the most important part of streaming in my opinion because if you are stuck with a terrible UI, then you won't be listening to music but rather trying to fix the experience. Quite honestly, there is really not a single software out there inclu
  15. @wklie Thanks a lot for the simple explanation. So it is understood that MQA Ltd has made this restriction so should this restriction go away, then technically all that one needs is an MQA decoder that can feed the fully decoded signal into any Dac. 1) Can you please advice if Lumin U1 Mini/ Lumin D2 use hardware based MQA decoding? 2) What is Lumin's direction on I2S? 3) I am quite torn in making a decision if I should go for a solution like D2 which is one box or a U1 Mini with a Denafrips Dac (slow minimum phase filter per ur advise) The later being a more expensive
  16. I have been a Tidal User for almost 5 years and I have been watching MQA develop but only recently, I have joined the camp that believes MQA offers some benefit. Since, this is part of my subscription anyways, I want to use MQA. I have read a very simple article on Computer Audiophile which talks about the different ways of getting MQA and that the hardware decoding is considered to be the superior method. So my question, is there a transport (something like a Lumin U1/Aurender N100 or any dac less transport) which has a MQA hardware full decoder which is able to feed the fully un
  17. @Skasey - Great to know you are a Disco user. Ive been using it for about 3 years now and quite a frustrating start but now much better usability after the recent Roon Essential 1.7 update! Do you know if they plan to support Tidal Connect? I asked them but no response. Are you planning to upgrade? I am starting to think of an upgrade!
  18. Some more responses to me from more manufactures. 17) Sonore - "So far no plans to incorporate it because it requires a third party paid encryption service." 18) SOTM - "I’m sorry to inform you that sMS-200 doesn’t support Tidal Connect at this moment, but we are trying to make it happen in future, hence, it’s difficult to fix the time schedule for it." 19) Linn - "We have no current plans to introduce Tidal Connect at this point, but we are actively investigating the possibility" 20) Antipodes - "Yes, we are working with Tidal to bring this t
  19. @evil c Thanks a lot. I am currently using an Elac Discovery streamer and am looking to make the move up. I recently auditioned the Denafrips R2R dacs and boy what a big difference they make. I could use my Elac as a transport but then Roon Essentials doesn’t get the same level of support as Roon. Tidal Connect launched recently has been a game changer for me as I do not have local stored music. I only need tidal and Spotify with the connect tech, roon and other streamer softwares become irrelevant to me. I’m super happy with the way Lumin responds to their customers, so I’m eagerly waiting to
  20. 15) Ifi Audio - They are coming up with a streaming module in the next 6 months that will be supporting Tidal Connect. This I believe will be something that can be used with their DACs. "We always have new products in the pipeline and we're working hard to bring TIDAL Connect to our products for 2021. Keep a lookout for out updates!"
  21. 11) Auralic - They are also looking into Tidal Connect but no timelines as to when or if they will support Tidal Connect. 12) Innuos - They are also looking into Tidal Connect but no timelines as to when or if they will support Tidal Connect 13) Sonnet Audio - No plans to implement Tidal Connect at this point of time. 14) Matrix-Digi - No Plans to implement Tidal Connect at this point of time.
  22. I have tried all the 3 amps with different speakers though. I have not heard your speaker but if it is on the warm side of neutral then your best advice would be to stick either to an amp that is neutral or slightly forward depending on how you like your music. The Marantz is on the warm side of neutral with boosted bass and treble. Not sure if this would be a good match for your speaker. I had the CX80 with a Focal Aria and the synergy was good. The Cambridge have a forward presentation with muscular sound. This could work for you. The MF amps that I have heard i
  23. 9) I got confirmation from Chord that they do not have any plans of supporting Tidal Connect at the moment. They are still in the process of evaluating Tidal Connect as a viable solution 10) Aurender, Mail from Support - " I regret to say that we don't have a plan to support TIDAL connect at this moment. With TIDAL connect, there is no way to control Aurender HW properly " They recommended using the Conductor App which has native Tidal support.
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