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  1. My experience with New Production EL34 is that they make you believe that they have the better mid range but I feel it is at the expense of bass. Nos EL34 is a diff story. It trumps any new production KT88. KT88 has more grunt and but doesn’t shimmer as much. For most modern day speakers I’d think the KT88 would be better. I currently have the KT150 tubes. If nos EL34 and KT88 got married and made giant tube babies, it will be the KT150. It’s a complicated tube to get it right but if it’s used well then it produces a very interesting sound. Extends more than nos EL34 , open
  2. This is incorrect. I checked with Alvin. He advised that this is still Pontus I and the UK distributor has been asked to amend his website. And it is very much likely that depending on when you bought the Pontus, the components inside would be a little different. While the DSP board can be purchased by anyone, the other changes cannot be done by the user.
  3. There is no Pontus II yet. The dsp upgrade will still only be a Pontus I. I believe they will need to make a significant upgrade before they will give it the II monicker and that should be somewhere in the future. No timeline available right now.
  4. Being in Singapore, I can safely say that ive heard quite a bit of the denafrips offerings. They really changed to game for us audiophiles who are looking for the bang for the buck. No product can be the "best". Our hobby is based on assumptions and subjectivity so I can understand why someone who has invested 10k in component does not want to hear that a 2k component is the best component. The better way to approach Denafrips, Line Magnetic,Holo Audio, Kinki Studio and all the Chinese upstarts is that they offer crazy value. They perform more than what they are asking for, they are cutting ou
  5. How does the May do on fast rock? Like say fast drumming? My friend who had the spring was not very happy with how the spring handled complex fast heavy metal tracks with too much going on. Also between the May and Spring, which is more laid back? Thanks Chris
  6. If you like the Ares then you will love the Pontus. Im afraid the Qutest is not in the same league of the Pontus. Denafrips has just changed the DAC game in my opinion. But like Snoop has said earlier if you do not like the Denafrips sound then even their flagship won't appeal to you. Is the Pontus the best dac in its price range? That is very subjective and im afraid you should not listen to anyone who makes a blanket statement 🙂 And please at least get a RPI as a transport if you are going to drop 2k on a DAC.
  7. This feature is in the works. Hopefully it will be released soon.
  8. Rokna - Hello, yes we plan to implement Tidal Connect or other alternative way to Roon. Kind Regards, Nicolae Jitariu Rockna Audio Primare - yes, we have been working with Tidal for some time now regarding implementation of Tidal Connect by free software update as soon in 2021 as we can but have a lot of other things needing to get done before then. With the hope that answers the question, but feel free to contact us again at any time, Terry Belcanto: No, we do not currently have plans to support Tidal connect. We use the SEEK ap to connect and manage Tidal,
  9. I would not recommend a solid state preamp/streamer/dac with your tube amp. Instead I would suggest a stand alone streamer or a transport/dac option. Also since you are using Tidal, I would recommend you get something which can do MQA. 5k gives you a lot of options. You could dip your toes into streaming with a bluesound node 2i to start with. Use it for a year, get familiar with streaming and then you can move up the chain. Node 2i also gets snapped up used very fast or you could continue to use the node 2i as a transport and then just get a much better externa
  10. Volumio - "Good news, the first step is done.We’ve had a call with TIDAL technical team (very pleasant meeting, BTW) and we’ve been approved to have TIDAL Connect SDK. We’re now in the process of implementing it, but it won’t be quick. The implementation is quite complex and there is a certification process involved, so my best estimate would be Q2 2021" So this is going to be good news for all streamers that can run on Volumio. This means RPI users can join the party as well!
  11. 25) Orchard Audio - Below is my chat with Leo of Orchard Audio. He is pushing Volumio to support Tidal Connect. Basically his gear runs on 4 OS so if any of them work with Tidal Connect, then his gear would work. Tidal - If you are reading this, please make it simple for device manufactures to be able to adopt Tidal Connect quickly. It should be something where in they can put a piece of code in their box and then Tidal will be able to connect to it. That way they do not have to rely on 3rd party OS like Roon or Volumio. This will also help more people just get an RPI and get into the wo
  12. I am using Tellurium Q Black 2 RCA. I chose this after trying a few. Do not get a warm cable. Neutral or slightly forward will help.
  13. Finally this beast has been delivered. This is the Singapore Edition that comes with some mods! Looking forward to knowing this fella better! Will update my progress as always. Cheers
  14. Another thing to think about is that the Chora was designed with the Naim atom in mind. Most show rooms will pair the two and it’s no doubt a very good and sensible match. You could sell your amp and streamer and add that your current budget and you will be in Naim Atom territory. A win for audio simplification and great sound. Not to mention a killer looking amp with a great screen. Tidal connect also is included. Takes all the guesswork away. Cheers
  15. @EsotericaLooking at some reviews of your amp, it is described as a clinical amp. I have heard the Chora a couple of times and I would describe it something in the cooler side of neutral. So you have two gears in the chain which are already quite forward. So I am not surprised the sound that you are getting is probably thin/clean. This is not a criticism of any particular component. At the end of the day, the system is a sum of all parts. With regards to the Bass, the Choras produced ample bass so I would suggest you experiment more with placement. With regards to the question if 3k can. get y
  16. Hey Ash - There are thousands of options. How much do you want to spend? What kind of music do you listen to? What speakers do you have? What amp do you use? How do you describe the sound that you would like to have? DACs have a sound of their own so its important to make sure you put the right one in the chain or they can F things up pretty bad. What is your current streaming front end lacking that you want to address by spending more?
  17. At the moment, you can’t control your desktop app, but this feature is coming soon!
  18. We need more people asking for it! Audio companies are not equipped to create software and rightly so. It is not their core competency so they should ideally create hardware that can plug in with technologies like Roon or Tidal Connect instead of trying to write their own UI.
  19. Quite a lame response from Arcam. Cant compare a CD player and an AV receiver. Anyways this thread is to track the progress of Tidal Connect and not MQA. My friend uses the Arcam SA30. Great sounding receiver with horrible software. How to fix that? Get tidal connect soon so that people start using the native Tidal app and listen to more music. Cheers
  20. If you are in the market for a DAC, by all means short list the Denafrips Ares II and the Pontus. They offer something different to the Chords. There is no such thing as one is better than the other. If you want an organic, analog sounding dac with a huge sound stage then the Denafrips cannot be challenged by the Chord. There are many comparisons between these done by a lot of reviewers and forums alike so google it out. R2R dacs in general are more laid back and are quite popular with the analog crowd. ESS based DACs are usually detailed and digital sounding. AKM based dacs are somewhere in t
  21. This is called Tidal Connect. Which has just been announced and only a handful of devices now support it but you can be sure that many streamers will support them soon. https://tidal.com/connect
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