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  1. Hey Guys - I started this thread but then I did a trial of Qobuz and I was hooked. So after 4 years of being on Tidal, I signed up for Qobuz. The sound quality is much better and there is no MQA voodoo to worry about. Gives me the flexibility to use any hardware of my choice! 

    Good luck as I am no longer chasing the above manufacturers. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, Esoterica said:

    I discovered McIntosh before I got into hifi, and even looked it up because I was taken by it's high-end look and had never heard of the company. It was in The Departed film. One of the characters had it in their home and they use it in the film.


    This is what I mean as a luxury brand. There are way more expensive gear in the world but there is really no other brand that even non audiophiles recognise and crave for. There is simply no other brand in HiFi that has a bigger brand recall among non audiophiles. 

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  3. Those who are planning on streaming Qobuz to your streamer via Chromecast be informed that there is a known bug and there are drop outs. Roon is your best bet till the time it is fixed. This is only with the IOS app. Watch the audiophilestyle forum for the Qobuz thread. All known bugs are there. 

    I jumped to Qobuz after 4 years with Tidal. The sound quality is definitely an improvement over Tidal. So be patient of move to Qobuz. It will improve and if not the big daddy is getting ready for you. 

  4. The whole argument of MC not being a value buy is rudimentary because it is not supposed to be. It’s a luxury brand. You don’t say my gym bag can hold more stuff than your LV. 

    MC is for doctors and lawyers and Hollywood traditionally. The luxury Bose if you will back in the USA. 

    Looks are subjective so I won’t use that as an argument but in terms of engineering it is over engineered. It is built like a tank. Macs made in the 60s are still running and are supported by the company till today. They hold their value well. For some these are more important  and saying there are better amps for the money is applicable to any gear. 

    And how they sound is again subjective. They are surely not winning any audiophile competitions but they sound good enough for most people who buy them and those people are not found in forums 🙂 

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  5. I got my lintons today. Out of the box the bass was just too boomy for my room. I hav them about 12 inches from the rear wall. I had to put a sock in each port and the boominess had gone. However the treble was very harsh. I then realised that the speakers were placed on opposite sides since the box had them labelled incorrectly. Putting the speakers in such a way that the W logo is on the outside surely changed the treble. The harshness reduced drastically. I still feel that the speaker feels a little constricted. Forums all over say that 150 to 200 hours is a good time for them to be at their best. My initial impression is that they are an easy speaker. Big sound and the bass is fun. Laid back. It has enough resolution but compared to my main rig, the treble extension and refinement is a long way off. I was aware of this before buying so I am not complaining. I am currently running them with a Peachtree Nova 300. I can tell that the lintons can use power. I dont know how people are able to run them with low powered amps. I think for the money, you really cant go wrong with these as long as your expectations are in check. Will revert with more once I put them through their paces. Any tips from fellow Linton owners?

  6. On 23/02/2021 at 5:13 PM, Tony B said:

    No need to use the Spotify app if Roon could connect directly to their servers.

    Why should someone who

    only wants to stream music use Roon? Like I am paying for Roon only because almost all streamers come with crappy software. Once streamers have Spotify connect built in which most already do, Roon becomes redundant for people like me and I’m sure we contribute to a decent chunk of the roon’s subscriber base.

    18 hours ago, Hydrology said:

    I'm curious if Spotify Connect implementation on audio products (streamers/amplifiers etc) needs to be modified at a hardware level to accomodate the higher tier?

    There doesn’t seem to be any word on that. But my guess Is that if Chromecast can support 24/192, Spotify Connect should also be able to do that without any additional hardware. 

  7. 7 hours ago, NikonUser said:

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to get the Qobuz app installed on an iOS device? The app isn't available in the Australia app store


    I created an account in the US store to download it and then I returned to my country store. It works well. They update the app once a month or so during update you can log back into the US store. It is some effort but I stopped using Roon and a much better experience imho. Cheers

  8. 1 minute ago, Hydrology said:

    They are a lovely pairing, but I cant help but think that a few more watts under the tank would've elevated the paring to another level.

    Ah ok! What according to you is the right amp that will take it to that level? Anything in the price range of the Leak? 

    On a separate note, Leak is planning to launch an amp with streaming. Could be the Quad Vena Play in leak’s clothes. This info was given to me by their customer care. 

  9. 2 hours ago, 7502dan said:

    My dac gets signal from bluesound node 2i from Tidal first unfold at 96 then the dac processes  the 96 signal inNos to analog (no oversampling)and the equivalent cd 44.1 is still  better?


    How MqA works is a mystery. In fact after using Tidal for 4 years, I moved to Qobuz. Takes all the Guess work away. At least I can be sure that 24/192 sounds better than 16/44 on Qobuz. Cheers 

  10. 1 minute ago, Mason Safari said:

    How about Hegel ? Rega is more close to hegel than LumX?

    I can only talk about the Luxman 509X. It is a great amp. It doesn’t do anything spectacularly well. It just does everything right. Doesn’t add anything much on it own. Tonally I would call this a neutral sounding amp compared to the MA8900. Accuphase to me is a mix of both. Has the details of the luxman and the warmth of the Mcintosh. 

    i have only heard the rega amps when I went to buy my rega turntable. I didn’t necessarily find them bright. I found them to have this get up and go attitude. I find that a trait in many Brit amps Like Naim, Exposure, etc. Fast and Nimble. Better paired with meaty speakers. 

  11. @Irek I had the focal aria 926 for a year and I didn’t find them bright. I know how we define brightness would wary to a certain extent but I don’t think I will call any of the current Focal speakers warm. The sopra is bright. the kanta when I heard It with Naim gear it was bright. Just was not the pairing for me. Kef Ref 1 and the new Kef R series are less bright than the focal speakers that I’ve mentioned above.  I will happily live with any of the focal speakers but I just won’t pair them with neutral or forward sounding gear. That’s just my preference. Cheers 

  12. I have extensive experience with a Kef Ref 1 with a Mcintosh Ma8900 and a Luxman L509x. 

    The Kef’s are bright speakers. Maybe not in the range of the focal but I would still want to pair them with something slightly on the warm side of neutral. I’ve not heard the Hegels with the Kef but I’ve heard Kefs with Accuphase

    integrateds with Kef R series and above. They are a good pairing. I was also told that Kef use Hegel for development so there might be some synergy there. 



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  13. 1 hour ago, delphi17 said:

    I don’t think price is indicative of the quality

    This becomes a subjective comparison. We all like a bargain and the reviewers also hype things about. The May is a very good Dac under 5k. Probably one of the best. We should judge its merits on those parameters. Also ive heard all 3 DACS but never next to each other and not in the same system. From what I can try to sense is that they all sound different. I cant say one is better than the other because it would depend on what you are looking for. Similarly the May is not the best dac under 5k because again it would boil down to what you are looking for and the May surely will not please everyone. Assuming the May has all that you want then at 5k, its much better value. than another dac that offers the same but for a lot more. You be the judge. Cheers 

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