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  1. Why should someone who only wants to stream music use Roon? Like I am paying for Roon only because almost all streamers come with crappy software. Once streamers have Spotify connect built in which most already do, Roon becomes redundant for people like me and I’m sure we contribute to a decent chunk of the roon’s subscriber base. There doesn’t seem to be any word on that. But my guess Is that if Chromecast can support 24/192, Spotify Connect should also be able to do that without any additional hardware.
  2. Pardon the mess but I’m just trying to rearrange the study so that I can fit a pair inside. It will be my second rig and my goal is an easy non fussy setup and thought Lintons would be the one. My plan is to put them on either side of the rack. Any ideas?
  3. @Hydrology: Your pics of the Linton is very encouraging. I’ve been trying to figure it out how they perform in a small room and mainly the distance from the side wall. I have very little room on both sides. Less than half a feet. Will that be workable? I have about 1 feet from the rear wall. Your thoughts?
  4. New Tubes for this beast. Replaced the stock 6SN7 with Psvane CV-181 MkII. The 12AX7 replaced with Psvane 12AX7 TII
  5. Not really. I created in almost 5 years back and have been regularly using it since. You can follow this link. https://ioshacker.com/how-to/create-us-apple-id-for-free-from-any-country
  6. I created an account in the US store to download it and then I returned to my country store. It works well. They update the app once a month or so during update you can log back into the US store. It is some effort but I stopped using Roon and a much better experience imho. Cheers
  7. Thanks! For smaller rooms, the Leak 130 still should get the job I’m guessing! Visually they both look so good though.
  8. Ah ok! What according to you is the right amp that will take it to that level? Anything in the price range of the Leak? On a separate note, Leak is planning to launch an amp with streaming. Could be the Quad Vena Play in leak’s clothes. This info was given to me by their customer care.
  9. Sorry to hijack the thread. @Hydrology Have you had a chance to pair the Leak 130 with the Lintons?
  10. O How MqA works is a mystery. In fact after using Tidal for 4 years, I moved to Qobuz. Takes all the Guess work away. At least I can be sure that 24/192 sounds better than 16/44 on Qobuz. Cheers
  11. I can only talk about the Luxman 509X. It is a great amp. It doesn’t do anything spectacularly well. It just does everything right. Doesn’t add anything much on it own. Tonally I would call this a neutral sounding amp compared to the MA8900. Accuphase to me is a mix of both. Has the details of the luxman and the warmth of the Mcintosh. i have only heard the rega amps when I went to buy my rega turntable. I didn’t necessarily find them bright. I found them to have this get up and go attitude. I find that a trait in many Brit amps Like Naim, Exposure, etc. Fast and Nimble. Better paired wi
  12. @Irek I had the focal aria 926 for a year and I didn’t find them bright. I know how we define brightness would wary to a certain extent but I don’t think I will call any of the current Focal speakers warm. The sopra is bright. the kanta when I heard It with Naim gear it was bright. Just was not the pairing for me. Kef Ref 1 and the new Kef R series are less bright than the focal speakers that I’ve mentioned above. I will happily live with any of the focal speakers but I just won’t pair them with neutral or forward sounding gear. That’s just my preference. Cheers
  13. I have extensive experience with a Kef Ref 1 with a Mcintosh Ma8900 and a Luxman L509x. The Kef’s are bright speakers. Maybe not in the range of the focal but I would still want to pair them with something slightly on the warm side of neutral. I’ve not heard the Hegels with the Kef but I’ve heard Kefs with Accuphase integrateds with Kef R series and above. They are a good pairing. I was also told that Kef use Hegel for development so there might be some synergy there.
  14. Pontus seems to offer the best price to performance in the Denafrips Range. No wonder its in high demand and always sold out. Which do you find to be warmer? The Ares or the Pontus?
  15. Absolutely. I never said that higher the price ,better the product. I only said if you are going to compare then a fair comparison is between products that are in the same price range. Cheers
  16. This becomes a subjective comparison. We all like a bargain and the reviewers also hype things about. The May is a very good Dac under 5k. Probably one of the best. We should judge its merits on those parameters. Also ive heard all 3 DACS but never next to each other and not in the same system. From what I can try to sense is that they all sound different. I cant say one is better than the other because it would depend on what you are looking for. Similarly the May is not the best dac under 5k because again it would boil down to what you are looking for and the May surely will not please every
  17. I dont think these are in the same price range as the Holo May.
  18. I signed up using VPN and a US credit card and never used VPN. It works like a charm. In fact we have a 6 person family plan so all 6 of us are using with no VPN.
  19. @Startman I am in Singapore as well. PM me and I can help connect you with some good auditions.
  20. I had the Aria 936 paired with a CX80 and then a peachtree nova 300. The Arias are due for a refresh. Do not consider them. If you like the Kantas, the NAD M33 will be a better match than the naim. The NAD is more relaxed than the nails and also has everything that you will need for a long long time.
  21. The supernait 3 is the better amp compared to the Nova. The Nova is more for someone who’s main aim is simplification. You can easily build a better system with the money. But the question is do you want to and also deal with it the millions of variables that come with the later. Quite frankly I didn’t like the nova and the kanta combo. They are both good devices individually but in my opinion both the sound was just too forward. It can be fatiguing for longer listening. Naim pairs better with neutral to warmer sounding speakers. And a warmer amp is a better match with the focals . D
  22. You only need VPN to sign up. Rest of the time you don’t need to be connected to VPN. And Just noticed you have the Primare. I was told by the primare tech that you can use the Qobuz app to stream to Primare via Chromecast at 24/192. Have you tried this? For those of us who don’t need roon, this is a blessing.
  23. This is a deal breaker for me. I want to get out of Roon and my experience after trying BluOS, Naim and Roon, none of them are as slick as using the Qobuz app and hence my search for something that can do Chromecast at 24/192 and can’t seem to find anything other than the Primare. Thanks
  24. Thanks this makes sense. From a PC, I would think the USB is the better input. However the NP5 only has a Coax out. It’s a bluesound node like device without the DAC.
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