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  1. Have you tried the Psvane CV181 MK2? These are a warm and romantic and will give a bright system the much needed wetness and warmth. Still pretty tight on the bass and airy highs.
  2. Never turn off the Ares II or any Denafrips DAC. Always keep it running. The caps need to be fully charged for the DAC to sound its best.
  3. @Marc - Any news if there singapore will get Qobuz? I signed up for a trial using VPN and it works well. You do not need VPN for it to work otherwise. With the limited A/B with Tidal, I find Qobuz to be more relaxed/natural sounding while Tidal seems to be boosted.
  4. @Grizaudio and the fact that the digital game is changing every 3 months, its a better idea imho to stick to a pi based solution 🙂
  5. I am not surprised because a lot of streamers actually only use an RPI3 or an Asus tinker board. I know someone who feeds his Pi to a Denafrips Iris and feeds to his DAC and he claims it is better than a lot of big name transports.
  6. @Grizaudio - You can message him on FB. Very responsive. The rates I got for the May Level 2 is 31500 HKD including shipping to Singapore. That is about 5275 AUD.
  7. I am not sure if people are aware that Kitsune is not the exclusive distributor for Holo May. People in Singapore buy from Wildism in HongKong who have been selling May products for a long time and costs about 50% less than what Kitsune quotes. We have no local dealer either.
  8. So here is part two of my LM journey. After a 3 month wait, The amp was finally delivered by Robert and immediately it made a big visual splash. There is something about the big tubes and those Vu Meters. A lot like the red sox and their pin stripes! Quickly fired the bad boy and there was immediately a difference in how this sounded differently to the LM88. The LM88 was warmer(tubey) and the LM150 sounded more neutral maybe with a hint of warmth overall. I did not want to do any critical listening whatsoever and wanted to give the amp good time to settle in. Played it for about 8 hours a day
  9. You can also check out the Line Magnetic LP33 Tube Phono. Its listed at 3k AUD.
  10. Since you are also just starting up, look for a one box solution that also includes a built in streamer. You can stream music from Spotify or Tidal/Qobuz if you start getting into higher quality. Marantz pairs well with your speakers. I would recommend the Marantz PM7000N to start with. It should be under 1.5k. Has a phono and a streamer.
  11. My experience with New Production EL34 is that they make you believe that they have the better mid range but I feel it is at the expense of bass. Nos EL34 is a diff story. It trumps any new production KT88. KT88 has more grunt and but doesn’t shimmer as much. For most modern day speakers I’d think the KT88 would be better. I currently have the KT150 tubes. If nos EL34 and KT88 got married and made giant tube babies, it will be the KT150. It’s a complicated tube to get it right but if it’s used well then it produces a very interesting sound. Extends more than nos EL34 , open
  12. This is incorrect. I checked with Alvin. He advised that this is still Pontus I and the UK distributor has been asked to amend his website. And it is very much likely that depending on when you bought the Pontus, the components inside would be a little different. While the DSP board can be purchased by anyone, the other changes cannot be done by the user.
  13. There is no Pontus II yet. The dsp upgrade will still only be a Pontus I. I believe they will need to make a significant upgrade before they will give it the II monicker and that should be somewhere in the future. No timeline available right now.
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