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  1. hi dastrix, The magic number for the dimensions of acoustic rooms is Phi, 1.618. 1.618 : 1 is known as the golden ratio. 1.6 is close enough, so, .62 : 1 : 1.6 : 2.6. So, about 5m x 8m x 3m is ok. The idea is to have the resonant frequencies of the parallel walls tuned differently to avoid harmonic relationships.... the ultimate acoustic disaster is inside a cubical room, where all 3 dimensions resonate at the same frequency. It rings like a bell. Non parallel walls would be preferable, but builders don’t like that, or carpet layers etc.. but a slop
  2. After CDs took over in the 90s, I saved several TTs and cassette machines from heading to landfill, thinking that they may be wanted by analog lovers one day. I also have some old broadcasting equipment and old radios. yes, this is a great aussie site. Al.
  3. hi, i'm a retired broadcasting tech restoring some old equipment in queensland.
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