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  1. I have not necessarily had years of experience but i do find copper interconnects to be slightly warmer that silver. Silver for me tends to be slightly brighter sounding but with slightly more detail in the upper mids and highs. Have not tried many silver plated copper interconnects as of yet but i find that they tend to provide the benefit of both warmth and detail (from experience with headphone cables).
  2. Further information: Used on one occasion only to find that the sound signature that they provide does not suit my taste. Basically a brand new set. Only opened to test them. Length is 5ft. Terminations are Mini XLR connections to suit Audeze, HEDDphone, Empyrean etc. with a 4-pin XLR on the other end. Shipping from the states during these times is very long (Many weeks) so a great opportunity to grab a bargain and have the cable readily available. Photos:
  3. Hi all, Very debatable and touchy subject to get into but I want some opinions on the differences between the 2. Hope to gain some knowledge and also get some different outlooks to either echo my view or to either open myself to new ideas. Cheers everyone!
  4. Sounds like an awesome setup! I rate Robertson audio cables and Isotek sure do make great cables. Welcome man. More into the personal audio but definitely respect the HIFI game. Kind regards.
  5. Hi all, Glad to be apart of the audiophile community. Big fan of personal audio gear but open to lots of things! I love to buy new gear and move gear on to other audiophiles and seeing others getting into the hobby is always a bonus! Thanks fam, and hope to get involved in discussions and classified soon! Warm regards.
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