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  1. Great info chaps, thanks. Hificollective does not stock the ALPS HQpro, I wonder what company does and what's the price. Any suggestions?
  2. Hi mates, I came across an ALU-7 pre-amplifier. It looks like it is well made, a simple, no frills pre, with exception of the fancy lights. The company accepts modifications, it would make this pre-amp a killer. For example a top notch Tamura or Tango transformer, separate PS, Goldpoint V47 attenuator which is far superior to any ALPS pot, an Audio Research type toggle ON/OFF switch in lieu of the push button and an added MM/MC phono stage. Any users out there? Cheers, Horacio
  3. EA 230_6 by vignale.355f1, on Flickr It is a prototype using an EA-230 faceplate.
  4. I agree with you, I do not like the American sound either but most of my friends, British and living in the UK, also have reservations about AN and EAR. The preamplifiers that I am considering to acquire are second hand units, there is no chance to get them on a trial basis. That's why I have been asking for suggestions. I currently have a Berning ZH-230 OTL amplifier, Berning EA 230_03 by vignale.355f1, on Flickr Cheers, Horacio
  5. Thanks mate. I have never had the chance to listen to a Shindo component but what surprises me is that all of my UK and American friends, without exception, would not buy any of their amps, neither AN or EAR Yoshino. They say that they have a 'house sound'. A lot of them have been to many AN and Shindo demonstrations at hifi shows and while usually pleasant they are seldom that great. They have heard several home setups and they are often embarrassingly poor, often being shown the door by far less expensive equipment that other people have brought along. Funny thing is
  6. Hi Andy Frightfully sorry mate, I should have written output impedance of the UBros-1, my mistake. Now I have to decide if I purchase the UBros-1 [it has been recapped with Mundorf Supreme Gold/Silver/Oil and a new Gold Point 47 position attenuator] or a Shindo Aurieges, there is very little difference in price. Cheers,
  7. Hi, I am just new on this forum, thank you so much for accepting me. I lived in Washington, DC for many years until I retired and moved to Miami. After watching Lawrence of Arabia in 1962 I was hooked on audio and began a journey that lasted 57 years just looking for an audio nirvana. A chap offered me a Uesugi UBros-1 preamplifier, converted to 117V for USA use, the power transformer has multiple taps inside, so there was no need for step-up power transformer. Nevertheless, I have trouble finding info about Uesugi [TEAC?], the Japanese sellers o
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