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  1. I cut wires 2” from Polydome as I knew it was difficult to unsolder at terminals. Unsure of how to go about it. Best of luck, hope they sound awesome 👍
  2. Almost a silicone feel to them, not the original look, but match well
  3. Polydomes sound fantastic,highly recommended repairer!! They were well packaged and protected on return. I’m now building a listening room to house the kappas, amazing detail 👍
  4. Yes, he sounds quite busy atm. Will update when they arrive
  5. I am currently having my Polydomes rebuilt by a guy in Melbourne. Attila Tanka 0425 776 941. Not original poly material, but apparently imperial sound over standard. Should receive next week, I’ll update!
  6. Recently become addicted to hi end audio, and wanting to meet like minded people, look forward to the knowledge and passion alike!
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