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  1. I'm in North Melbourne - has anybody upgraded recently and wants to move their Sony UBP-X700 on?
  2. Does anyone have one of these they're looking to sell? It would be very much loved by me and my guests (once we're allowed to have visitors again...I'm in North Melbourne).
  3. Item: Aussiemorphic CAVX Mk3 with corrector Hi friends, I'm located in North Melbourne, looking to pick one of these bad boys up to start my treacherous journey into levelling up my HT. I have cash ready - please feel most welcome to message me, I'd be happy to pay 550 delivered for the mk3+C, but I could be enticed to pay more for a higher level lens.
  4. i'll follow this one, North Melbourne, also looking at buying.
  5. Hello frens, considering a good cinema experience is still a while off, it's time to get serious with the home setup! Pleasure to be part of the stereonet crew once again.
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