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  1. Thanks guys. I'll look into it. My biggest reservation is not being able to audition. Seeing this is my first valve amp and all.
  2. Thanks, but it's in NSW so I suppose shipping would be quite costly.
  3. I've certainly heard a lot about those, especially Elektra. Wife prefers one box solution so I have Arcam AVR550. I'm probably getting another amp for mains, which covers 5.1.4 for me. I've heard of people running 4 cores cables to the in-ceiling, then just split them into 2 Atmos each. I guess it solves the amplification issue, but probably a pain to calibrate.
  4. That's terrific to hear @evil c Looks like Krix is the way to go then. Would you mind telling me where you got them from? Please feel free to pm me if you'd like. What are you using in your set-up @Quark if you don't mind me asking? Thanks for everyone's advice!
  5. Cheers for the suggestions @betty boop Appreciate anything anyone else would like to add. One of the definite plus of Krix in-ceiling for me is the back box. It sounds pretty dead from behind as well
  6. The rest of my speakers are Osborn. He makes ceiling speakers as well but it doesn't pass the WAF test. Thanks for the Krix suggestion. I don't think Krix drivers can pivot, so I might have to get the angled ones. Although fixed angles might be harder to place given the limited mounting positions on my ceiling.
  7. You can ask Greg to borrow his speakers and set it up at home for a few days. That's what I did for a pair of Eos
  8. Do you have matching heights speakers with the fronts? Mine won't be able to match brand, but should I bother matching sound signature? It's hard because not many stores have different brands of atmos speakers installed.
  9. For what it's worth, I'm getting a pair of Eclipse because it's bang on 1100. Wife also said no to the next up Tower option, too tall lol But Greg's speakers project sound well imo. His demo room is probably 3x8m and even his smallest F1 does very well. So the bookshelf Eos/Titan would be good if you don't have the space I suppose
  10. Thank you. I did read another thread asking a very similar question. I posted this one mainly because the rear Atmos would be right up against the back wall. I was not sure if that's good or worth having at all.
  11. That's what I was thinking as well. Get 2 good in-ceiling for now and add later instead of 4 cheap ones. I was thinking to get the installer to run the wires there first and install the other 2 later by myself? It shouldn't be too difficult with the wiring already there right?
  12. You can always bring your amp there to demo with Greg's speakers. That way it's probably going to be a more similar experience you get them home. My one and only advice would be to stick to your budget and don't listen to the ones above it. Greg will tell you the same as well. Ignorance is bliss.
  13. Are you referring to the red boxes? That's where I was planning my side surrounds. Rotating is not an option for me unfortunately. I've read that left and right atmos should align with Front Left/Right in terms of distance? What do you recommend distance between Front & Rear atmos? Do I need in-ceiling with pivoting woofer? Or just the normal pivoting tweeter one is ok? Thanks a lot everyone.
  14. Hi everyone, So my research has suggested that 4 in-ceiling atmos speakers are better than 2, since it gives both left-right and back-front. But with my living room setup (attached), there is not much distance from the couch to the rear wall/sliding doors. I only care about listening from the couch. Should I just go with 2 instead because there isn't much room behind the listening area? I was thinking about getting pivoting in-ceiling to aim at the couch if that helps.
  15. I haven't listened to the first 3 or Harbeth/Proac so can't comment. I demo'ed the Osborn Eos with B&W 603/706, Kef LS 50, Kef R3, Monitor Audio Silver 100/300/500 and Krix Acoustix/Phoenix. I felt Osborn was better than all of them on overall. It has the midrange/vocal I like plus more bass than you've thought, sounded bigger than the small floorstanders (probably weigh the same as them as well) It was definitely set-up friendly as well. Only 15-20cm from wall, and no toe in necessary. All I can say is Osborn is good value. If you add up the cost of com
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