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  1. Yep, a CD, I’ve no idea if there’s a download. It takes around 25 minutes to clean each pair of channels. I guess if all speakers are connected it will provide a full clean in one go. According to the site: The Full System Enhancer CD is an intensive ‘workout’ for your audio system. The disc includes specially developed signals to help ‘run-in’ new equipment, as well as demagnetising existing hi-fi components and rejuvenating your entire system.
  2. Nope. Me neither. And if someone told me you could I’d smell a big bottle of snake oil. But, it works and works well. My mate was so impressed with the 525 improvement he used it on his own HT setup with excellent results (he confessed he had no idea why he hadn't done it before - he’s more a stereo nut). Certainly worth trying, especially if you can get a loan of a disc.
  3. Thanks for the heads up 👍 I decided to go separates and picked up a 525 in excellent condition. To test it out I swapped amps in a friends high end system (Harbeth’s, Manly pre etc). I was disappointed - the 525 sounded muddy and lacked depth. He decided to “clean” the amp via an Isotek CD (I’d never heard of them and have no idea what they actually do). 25 minutes later the difference was profound. I’m actually really impressed with the sound quality of the 525 - not disappointed at all. My friend has used the Isotek a few times but has never heard such a big improvement.
  4. Thanks for clarifying on the technical differences. The problem with hifi is that it is so easy to become obsessive and to be sucked in by the marketing pitches. I’ve decided to go separates purely because logic suggests that a more expensive low feature unit is likely to provide higher quality sound than a cheaper unit with more features. But who knows??
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I’d guessed the noise factor but wasn’t aware of the balancing. It’s been interesting to see all the comments around “it’s better to go with seperates” (HT & Stereo), but I’ve not seen many sound comparisons eg between a NAD integrated and its equivalent pre/amp setup, or Denon or Anthem or ……… It would be great to read on blind comparative tests.
  6. I guess my real question then is if I use the cheaper Receiver as a Pre, would there be a noticeable difference in sound quality (I have an Anthem 525)?
  7. This is a very naive question, but what exactly is the difference between the AVM60 and MRX720, aside from amplification? From what I gather, the music processing capability of each is the same? If so, why would there be any difference in sound quality when used as Pre Amps? And, why is the Receiver more expensive that the straight Pre?
  8. From the Anthem website “manufactured in Canada”! Thanks for the digging, the Trinnov looks like a decent piece of kit, though at going on $40k I’ll have to wait for a once in a lifetime sale or put NAD, Arcam etc back on the shortlist. Maybe if I go used ......... mmmm
  9. Cheeky buggers. They wax lyrical on their website about the STR range being crafted and manufactured in Canada. I can’t find any mention of where their AVR’s are made! Thanks for the correction.
  10. Anthem is manufactured in Canada so despite my misgivings on hi res streaming, I might be going down that track again!
  11. I’ve presented myself with a new problem: during my research I picked up that NAD now makes all its products in China. Being from Australia and with what the Chinese Gov’t is doing to us, my family and friends have all vowed not to purchase anything made in China unless we absolutely have to. So, back to the drawing board ……………
  12. This takes me down that rabbit hole of more components, more interconnects, more remotes? and compatibility questions eg can the 540 actually process Tidal etc hi res files? My wife asked me this afternoon “why don’t you set up two systems, one for home theatre and one for music”, she is aware of the time and effort that I have put into my stereo system. The only answer I could give was “the speakers, I’d have to buy another set of speakers”, to which she responded “wouldn’t that be cheaper and easier than trying to set up a receiver to do both ?”. I think she may have a point!
  13. I like your thinking 👍 I’ll do a bit more research on the suggested units, the simplicity of the T758 option does appeal.
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