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  1. Ref the Arcam confirmation, grateful further detail. I am considering the 1140 but hesitating as I am keen on Tidal Connect without having to have another add on (eg Bluesound) and was hoping that the new unit would have inbuilt capability, but haven't found any reference. Be great if the 1140 will be getting the Tidal update.
  2. Hey Dan, Now you’ve got my brain twisted! I’d settled on an AVM60/P5 combo then got into discussion with my wife who is developing an interest in the new setup (knock me down with a feather). She really appreciates the sound of my valve amp so is pushing in the direction of the new MRX740 in combo with the valves. The Beryllium tweeters can sound a bit brittle, hence the thinking on retaining valves in the mix. Its a bit of a guess as to which combo will work best. Could you give me a bit more detail on your gear including age, and of course the sensitive issue of dollars!
  3. All the “expert” reviews say the Anthem - Paradigm setup is the way to go. I’ve not seen too many user comments agreeing with them! For my 2 channel my intent is to stay with my Turner valve amps; they work beautifully with the S4’s, it’ll be interesting to see how they manage the S6’s. Which Electra amp do you recommend? Thanks for the heads up on the Primare, that’s a new one for me - more research!!
  4. Ah ha. Yep, makes sense. So you like the sound of the Elektra multi channel, just needed more channels. Its also a fair bit cheaper than the P5! Many thanks
  5. I’m new to HT so please forgive my confusion and probably dumb question - if you use the HD2 Theatre for all the speakers why do you also use the 2ch for the 8’s? Maybe I misread?
  6. Thanks for that, I’ll do some research. Is there any reason you don’t use the Electra for all speakers?
  7. I’ve committed to a Paradigm Signature based AV system with C5, SV6’s and SV4’s. I’ve yet to decide on the sub as I’ve been advised that the Signature subs have a poor reputation for reliability. I’ve put a hold on an Anthem D2 Pre as it seems a good match for the Paradigms, I’m hesitating however on the P5 amp. Any suggestions/recommendations on Pre/Power amp options for the Sig’s greatly appreciated. I’m not committed to the D2 so am open to alternative suggestions. Cheers Phil
  8. My current stereo setup has my S4’s powered by high quality (hand made) valve mono’s. The combo of solid state (BAT) pre and valve power provides beautiful depth and width with the warmth that only valves can provide. Any thoughts on having a D2/valve combo for the whole system? Cheers
  9. Thanks for the info & images - sounds like a seriously heavy duty power base and anticipates my next line of questioning - amplification. I’ve committed to going Signature and have lined up a pair of S6’s and a NOS C5 centre. I’ve also lined up an Anthem D2 pre, though I’m not 100% sure if this is the way to go as it kind of commits me to going with an Anthem P5. I don’t have enough knowledge of AV amps to know if this is the best combo for the Sig’s. Any advice appreciated. Cheers Phil
  10. Yep, the 8’s look Massive. I suspect 6’s will work for me 👍
  11. Yep they are V2’s. If you hear of any Sig’s for sale at a reasonable price please let me know!😁
  12. Yep. Even my audiophile mate who is wedded to his Harbison’s admitted to being impressed. We swapped over his Harbison’s for my S4’s into his high end system ($35k for the turntable etc etc). The S4’s sounded fantastic. To my ears, different, every bit as good as the Harb’s. My mate would probably argue that point but he did say “there is absolutely nothing wrong with your speakers”. For him, thats a big vompliment!
  13. Even with a great stereo amp, a great pre is essential, so I can go slong with that logic!
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