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  1. You guys are really putting a lot of work into your builds, and wished I was able to go through a project that looked like something that had to be bought in some expensive shop!! Impressive! I kind of make things that have all the work put into the circuit itself, and when 'it' is soldered together, it looks like someone has made a 'ball' of wire and el components with just random connections here and there..haha ..I have made a few things just on a peace of wood with nails here and there that makes the soldering points on the circuit..and just used it with no casing, witch is one of many way
  2. Nice build! If the metal insulation form a metallic box with no leaks and all electrically connected, you have a perfect house for your board, and if the metal has a connection to the circuitboards minus/ground, witch is the input connections cable shielding on the circuit board, then you have made it as perfect as it can be! ..sounds like it is so since it is working great!
  3. Tube amplifier homemade with as much recycling of materials as possible.. The amp puts out 2x33 Watt before clipping.(>0.8% THD on paper) Using ecc83/12ax7 and ecc82/12au7 in preamp, and EL34/6ca7 in push pull on ultra linear OPT's.. Old insulated copper wire was reused to make both the output transformers, but also one high voltage power transformer that puts out 425volt and another power-transformer with two sec outputs; 6.3 volt for the tube heaters, and 80 volt for the fixed bias. The OPT's are designed with the help of a computer program by Yves Monmagnon that calculate and
  4. Tube amplifier homemade? With this post, I would like to advise all of you who believe that output transformers must be purchased that there is an alternative. Purchasing or reusing 'lacqer-insulated' copper wire can be used to make your own output transformer with the help of a computer program created by Yves Monmagnon. Here are two videos where I first make a chatode biased amplifier, then rebuild it into a fixed biased amplifier. In the last video, each tube is checked to be adjusted, and then the entire amplifier is benchmarked with the help of an ocilloscope and RMS voltmeter. Here is
  5. My name is Thor, and are living in Norway, pretty much so far from Australia and NZ you can get.. I am an electrician that have been working on everything electric as a pro for 25 yrs now. 10 yrs ago I started to play guitar and got into tube amplifiers, witch has been my hobby no.1 together with playing music instruments. I am also known as Rocknrollthor on YouTube, and have a channel where I post videos of my 'bad' guitarskills doing Rocknroll covers, and a few videos with electricity and audio as topic. I am not 100% fluid in English language, writing English whil
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