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  1. Hello Richard, sorry for late reply, I am still interested and will inquire about transport and will let you know. Thx Michael
  2. Hello Marc, I have just responded to 2 FS-items in Classifieds section. When clicking on the icon (to respond) the parties' email address does show "not valid", so I responded in the comment-section, leaving my phone number. I recall that this is not the proper way to go about it, but I am open to enlightenment. Many thx Michael.
  3. Hello Amdan, I am interested in the step-up transformer, needs to be posted to Melbourne. Please advise banking details for EFT, I haven't used PayPal before. my mobile number is: 0418 354 626 Thx and regards, Michael.
  4. Hello Hugo, I am interested, would pay Cash on pick-up, please advise details as to where and when pick-up is suitable. I live NorthEast Melbourne, Donvale. My Mobile is: 0418 354 626 Thx and regards, Michael.
  5. Hello and Good Morning, Looks interesting! I will pick up and pay cash. Cheers, GreenCone
  6. Hello SPRO8Y, I always wanted something of that vintage, American or Japanese. I would like to take them, payment via EFT preferred, but we would have to work out how to get them to Victoria, I would pay immediately and may consider pick-up after our lock-down is finished, but would prefer shipment at my cost. Best regards, GreenCone
  7. Hello Erest, I would buy these speakers, will pick up from Keysborough later in the week or early weekend if that suits. I would prefer EFT or Cash on pick-up (if you trust me not withdrawing). Let me know please what suits, Thx and regards, GreenCone
  8. Hello MGO, very interested in these speakers. Could we work out shipping to Melbourne and payment method (I'm no good with PayPal), EFT is preferred. Many thanks and greetings from Melbourne GreenCone!
  9. Hello Red MacKay, I would like to purchase these drivers. I live close by and can pick up Saturday when out shopping anyway. Will pay cash. thanks and regards GreenCone
  10. I can understand why!! i also have a vintage Kriesler, also Stereo, 3.5 Watt out of Triode/Pentode Combi Valve plus 2 x 12" papercone fullrange speakers, plus 2 x tweeter plus (believe it) 2 x Electrostatic Tweeters!!!!
  11. Hello Nordust, YES, thanks! it's a SABA Freudenstadt, nicely restored with a super sound (Stereo) from a handful of valves and equally as many greencones!!!!
  12. Hello Red, I'd be interested, I live close by and could pick up against cash, Thanks, GreenCone
  13. Hello and G'day! I'm new to this, but looking forward to digging into the Forums and exploring the sites. Vinyl is my favorite pastime (music on vinyl that is), preferably played through some lovely old GreenCones!!! Vintage gear is keeping me busy and 106.7FM PBS is my favorite Radio Station, particularly the Blues sessions!!!! I love Jazz and (apart from Blues) also some good guitar work (regardless of genre), I have an antenna (some with a rotor) on every shed, attached to some (really) nice Tuners or Receivers (vintage of course). I don't mind Classical Music either, lucky we do have
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