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  1. No one likes to be corrected, particularly when their meaning was obvious. I don't think anyone was going to shower their equipment with water. 🤣🤣 Or perhaps they might with all these wonderful suggestions by @Steffen 🤔🤣
  2. I know. I was trying to be a bit less direct than you. Lol 🤣
  3. As noted in another post, I could'nt discern any improvement with the doorstops on the Aries Mini.
  4. I found the best sonic improvement, particularly bass extension, to come from placing the doorstops on the Hermes DDC. Its enclosure is not solid aluminium plates like both my DAC and Amp.
  5. No. An app has no installer package and lighter on features. It is an API based platform. Under Windows 10 an "app" is something quite different to an "application" or more commonly a program. Thanks for posting the features 👍. I think it might be a no from me.
  6. Did anyone watch the presentation? Is the Windows version just another Win10 app or will it be a program? If it's a program I might give it another trial.
  7. I don't think the flat door stop has the visual appeal of the adoored stop , and it's not very shiny 😁
  8. Just ordered 2 of each of the high rise and low rider weights. I love how Bunnings home delivers now. 🙂
  9. Actually, changing the provider to Aussie did solve the extended outage problem I was having. However, some issues are still to be expected as the copper in my suburb also isn't top notch. It was laid a long time ago. In relation to the VPN the number of reconnects attempts is not configurable in settings otherwise I would have already done that 🙂.
  10. I was speaking to an Aussie Broadband technician a while ago about my dissatisfaction with my provider at the time. Whilst he said that many connection issues are down to the provider sharing bandwidth, it is to be expected that the NBN will drop out - quick disconnects - during the day, some up to about 5 minutes. And, that it takes 5 reported prolonged drop out events ( longer than to be expected) duration before NBN Co will investigate the line. I've been happy witj Aussie , but there are short drop outs of the NBN on an ongoing basis - nothing like the complete outage for hou
  11. I expect that's just for Mac OSX. A version for windows would be nice. The windows 10 app is not good at all - very high CPU and RAM usage even on high spec PC's.
  12. Yes, that is surprising. I guess it is easy for anyone to become cynical of any product, including a switch that is ear marked audiophile, when only a few dollars in parts is swapped in to a $30 board, yet a premium price is charged for the product. This though shouldn't detract from the cutting edge work that Alex Crespi and John Swenson have done in terms of the etheregen, and the other products they've designed. I'm actually still using a USB regen in my system from his first production run back in ~2015., and may purchase an Etheregen in the future.
  13. Post 199 and 203 here is interesting: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/value-of-audiophile-network-switches/129611/211 Same internals, different case. Applies to Nuprime, Bon8, English Electric8 . I'm sure there are others. Perhaps Fidelizers switch too. The swtich was also offered to Alex Crespi (Uptone) as well, but he declined. Source: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/62588-uptone-ether-regen-english-electric-8switch-comparison/ Cheers
  14. Maybe it's just me, but I don't find navigating Quobuz very intuitive. If I play a track from an album added to My favourites, but then move away from the playing now page (the one with leader dots next to tracks to add tracks to a playlist or collection etc) to "discover" new music, it is quite a number of steps to get back to that favourites page If a song comes you would like to add to a playlist. I'm finding I have to go back in through the side bar, and then My Favourites > artist > album etc and select track. You've also then lost your train of thought in navigating this
  15. Sorry, I can't be more clear , I'm not sure of the exact models, but not dedicated streamers There are a few other high end brands doing the same. I was reading a lengthy thread on Computer Audiophile yesterday and it came up. Other than surprise, I didn't think to make a mental note ? It does make sense though when @Grizaudio and others say that they can't hear a difference between the Raspberry Pi and $2000 streamer.
  16. Some brands incorporate a modified Rasberry Pi In their products for streaming purposes ; for instance Boulder and Bryston.
  17. Hermes doesn't convert ethernet. The RJ45 port on Hermes is for i2s (LVCMOS) output
  18. Interesting stuff. Is there a particular reason why you have chosen ethernet treatments and not to D/D reclock between the G1 and Devaliet? I use a Denafrips Hermes and it's made a significant improvement to both audio pc playback and streaming. Cheers
  19. The Asgard 3 Is a nice unit. I quite like the Schiit house sound./filter. I have the multibit card inside mine. I was going to sell it at one stage, but decided to keep it as a very reliable back up. You don't want to be left without tunes if something in your system fails. ?
  20. I listened to the hi res version of the Eurythmics album Revenge (Remastered) last night. Just wow! Annie Lennox's vocals
  21. Jriver allows you to have multiple independent libraries, i.e. one for home and one for car. It will also convert files to different formats. Here's the web wiki on library management; https://wiki.jriver.com/index.php/Library_Manager
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