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  1. I listened to the hi res version of the Eurythmics album Revenge (Remastered) last night. Just wow! Annie Lennox's vocals
  2. Jriver allows you to have multiple independent libraries, i.e. one for home and one for car. It will also convert files to different formats. Here's the web wiki on library management; https://wiki.jriver.com/index.php/Library_Manager
  3. I'm finding the same. I'm also finding that everything is categorised under the one genre - Electonica. Whereas I listen to a lot of sub and perhaps sub sub genres of electronica. Downtempo, psydub, psychill, chillgressive to name but a few. Unless you know the name of the artist you are searching for I don't think you would find it by simply browsing 'Electronica'. It also doesn't make it possible to 'discover' artists in that sub genre that perhaps I haven't heard of. I purchase alot of hi res music directly from the artist or the indie label from Bandcamp, and I've actuall
  4. Anyone noticed Quobuz running in Auralic Lightning DS app (on iPad Air 4) doesn't show the Hi Res symbols on the album cover. For example Pink Floyd. Yet if I open Quobuz on Android or IOS app different story. A minor inconvenience I guess, but I didn't really want to have to use two devices concurrently.
  5. In some circles, misspellings and other phenomena add to rarity and value. For example, coins and bank notes 🙂
  6. I didn't miss anything then Lol. I watched 3 minutes ....
  7. Marc posted earlier that it launched in Sydney today. Makes you wonder who attended...
  8. Does the apps presence now on the respective platforms signify the official launch? I've not seen the usual fanfare that normally occurs with a launch
  9. Update. Quobuz is available in iOS app store and login to Auralic with Oz account a success. Happy listening everyone
  10. Signing up in OZ to Premier was a success. Google Play says Android App not available in this country. I've not tried downloading rhe IOS app or logging into Quobuz on Auralic Aries yet.
  11. Cold shoulder now then all smiles when they want to set up a dedicated Quobuz thread on SNA. Lol.
  12. I did note that. Did you format the hard drive with your PC or Lumin? If it is the former, then it could be the reason why it is not recognised as containing files by the latter. Cheers Nik
  13. I don't have a Lumin, however I have often found devices like to format drives that are attached to them before use. Once formatted by your intended device (Lumin), you can then plug it in to your PC to transfer music files. When desired files have been transferred, plug it back into the Lumin. It's worth a shot 🙂
  14. I'm wondering what sort of testing needs to be done if the app is the basically the same. Perhaps they are testing geo location restrictions on the available content or maybe bandwidth.
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