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  1. Ahhh ok, GLWS. Should be a quick sale, high demand and lengthy lead time for the Pontus 🙂
  2. Do it. I don't think you'll regret that decision 🙂👍
  3. I dunno....wait until you hear the Ares II in your system 🙂
  4. When you get an Ares II, the top of a wish list will be a Terminator Plus 🙂
  5. Surely one of the most entertaining ads I've read in a long time 😅
  6. No.3 because extra ports equal potential for more noise/jitter. No.2 if you intend to use I2S connection for DDC. On some systems DDC reduces jitter, lowers noise floor and increases sound stage and resolution. However, you need to check if the RME is compatible with the I2S of the matrix as I2S-LVDS is not a standard.
  7. I think it was on Audiophile Style, it was some time ago.
  8. Why not indeed. You only live once. Or twice If you are James Bond.
  9. Nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon 🙂 Did you try the Qutest >Mscaler > amp(?) with either headphones? I've read that some who have owned both the TT2 and the Qutest have preferred the sound of Qutest > Mscaler, and therefore sold the TT2.
  10. I'm using one of the best VPN's available, and on trying to sign up for a trial I get the following message: "Whoops proxies and VPN's Not Allowed"
  11. Here we are in stock: https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/grado-labs-4-5m-extension-cable
  12. It is an unbalanced cable, but the Grado Prestige extension cable is 4.57 metres. I use it with a pair of Shure 1540 closed back headphones. I've not tried it with my Clears as I use balanced, but I can hear no noticeable difference between it and a 1.5 metre cable. The cable is advertised as not degrading sound. Out of stock, but here it is pictured: https://www.amazon.com.au/Grado-Extension-Cable-4-57m-Headphone/dp/B00WC4B4JI
  13. There's a very interesting thread about the MQA filter and "Mastering" on Audiophile Style.
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