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  1. Hello Epitaph, May I ask how you feel and hear the difference between CSA-14 and CSA-29? Kind regards, Redfox.
  2. Hello all, I am a new member from Copenhagen, Denmark. I've been listening to stereo since 12, now over 50. Currently, and a for a few years, I've been using the following: Rega 3 LP player with small mods. Copland CSA-14 hybrid amp with two small ECC88 tubes. Copland CDA-288 Mk. II S.E cd-player with some mods. (4 PCM63P K dacs and extra clock plus separate powersupply for that. Bowers & Wilkins 802 Series III loudspeakers. They will soon undergo some mods. For now, I've just changed the ferrofluid on the tweeters. Tandberg TCD-3014a,
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